Muslim fashion on television?

Muslim fashion on Project Runway

You have probably heard about Project Runway. Now Sweden has made a copy of this popular fashion TV Series and it is going to start on Monday. So why do I write about it here? Normally the world of fashion, according to normal Manhattan standards are very small, transparent and not for Muslims at all. But now we have a Muslim woman representing the Muslim fashion. I am very excited about the Muslims being introduced into fashion world. It starts next Monday, so I won't have the opportunity to watch it as I am going back to Tunisia where I live, but perhaps I will be able to watch it later on.

Angels see us as stars when we pray at night

Have you ever heard about energy medicine? 

This is the new thing out there. You have probably heard about alternative medicine like acupuncture, which stimulates energy that we cannot measure with normal instruments. 10 years ago nobody in USA would talk about it. Today Dr Oz talks about it on Oprah. He also mentions prayer as a stimulator of energy. We are energetic creatures. That is why we must continue to pray. Especially at night. I don't know what happens at night, but Allah has told us that we should pray late at night, just before sunrise. When we look up in the sky at night, we often see stars if it is not a cloudy night of course.

Angels see us as stars when we pray at night.

The same thing is with angels. When they look down on earth they also see stars, but not real stars. No, they see the light the springs out of people praying at night. We must think about light and waves. I believe that we are going towards more studies on waves, electromagnetism and energy, because this is a field that hasn't been discovered yet. 

Sins and repentance

As a Muslim you must repent on a daily basis. 

If this is hard, then think about how hard it is to repent when you are doing sins. If you for example lie or betray somebody, even with a white lie, then it is hard to repent. If you use interest, take or give, then it is hard to repent. If you miss prayers, it is hard to repent. If you sin at all, it is very hard to repent. You will cheat on yourself if you truly believe that you repent, but in the meanwhile your are sinning. You can't repent properly if you sin. But if you stop sinning and then repent, they it is easy. God wants us to stop sinning and then repent and if we don't sin and repent, he will replace us with people who does. That doesn't mean that you should sin, because if you sin you are going astray, further and further and it becomes so much difficult to repent, if you haven't stopped sinning.

1. Stop sinning
2. Repent
3. Sleep well at night


Purification of my life

I have to purify my heart, mind, soul and my clothes, home and relationships. How do I do that? By repenting, reading the Qur'an and start saying and doing things that is in lign with what prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said. There are things that is easy to do, like not murdering people, but there are more difficult things like staying up all night reading the Qur'an and praying and repenting. I want to repent and have beautiful dreams. I want to have money and be prosperous with a lot of benefits. I want my children to become wealthy and well-known for their good character. I want my husband to strive and help me purify my heart, even those things in my heart that I must change, things that I love more than prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I like for example to sleep more than to pray. I like to eat more than to read Qur'an. I sit in front of facebook instead of reading Qur'an and helping people with their islam. I can do a lot of good stuff. But I don't. That's the problem. I can strive for purifying not only my heart, but my body and soul too. I want to go to Jennah, but I am lazy. 


Test: Are you happy?

A test to see if you are happy! Answer yes or no!

1. Are you grateful for every little piece of your life?
2. Do you have a family? or friends that love you and support you even if you don't behave good?
3. Do you love your husband/wife and does he or she love you back?
4. Do you respect the people you are with, or is around you?
5. Do you have people who can take care of your kids for more than two days?
6. Have you been through big trials in life and then overcome them?
7. Have you been good to people and helped them, but at a certain point had the courage to say no to them?
8. Are you a Muslim?
9. Do you dream pleasant dreams at night?
10. Do you pray?
11. Do you know who Allah is?
12. Do you know what happens after death?
13. Do you feel happy when you listen to music/anasheed?

The more yes you have on this test, the more happy you can consider yourself.

By: Esma Khammar

A Happy family

"Sometimes I am not just home sick, but miss my family and the closeness I have with them... Indescribable nice to have a mother in my house, hear her steps when she walks, her laughter, to have her by my side at dinner table and in the couch in the evenings.. And during the days feel the smell of new baked bread, buns and the most lovely made dinner.. and to add to it, come back to a clean house, clean clothes and the children is happy, like they are in the seventh heaven.....THE WORLD'S BEST MAMA !!!" 

This is what a person I knew wrote today in her Facebook. But isn't this what we all should do? Be the best husband and wife to our families? Create joy of life and calm and security and happiness to our beloved ones. This is what is most appreciated in life...

 A Happy family!

How faith changes your personality

I am a convert Muslim from Christian faith originally. I am interested in how faith changes not only your personality, but also your conception of life. Faith has changed me and how I feel, what I say, what I believe and what I do from inside out e.g. my clothes, my appearances, my heart and mind. Faith is a powerful tool for changes.


How do you come in contact with a single Muslim convert lady?

If you want to find a muslim convert lady to marry please turn to the forums that Muslim converts go to to find Spouses for example Muslima.com and http://muslim-dating-websites.no1reviews.com/ Because that is there most single women go to... And May Allah help you find a good Spouse. 


Homo Sapiens and the Muslims

I have a hypothesis about earth and humans.

The history of islam.

Allah tells us that before Adam came to earth, there was only plants and animals on earth. When Adam came  to earth, he was around 100 feet (or 30 m). When Noah lived, he lived for 900 years. It doesn't tell how big he was though.

So, with these two "facts" I will now discover our past.

New data shows that the earth that we are living on has not been like this forever. It has been smaller and is still expanding. That is why the continents are separated. Otto Hilgenberg (1896-1976) introduced this theory in 1933. It explains very much of what happened with Homo Sapiens when it came 200,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens today says the anthropologists is a monkey, or has been a monkey, but there is no relation between them more than it is between a pig and a human being, if we look at the DNA of these species.

Back to earth. New data tells us that earth has been more green than it is today. The oxygen in the air was much higher, about 60 percent, compared to today's 23 percent. This made everything much bigger. The animals were bigger, the dinosaurs were bigger and it lasted until Adam. When Noah came I don't know what happened with earth, but there has been a deluge. About that I am not sure, but I am sure that Noah lived for 900 years, because if earth was smaller at the time of Noah then the earth must have had much more rotation around itself, which practically means that it spins faster. If you compare a big ball with a small one, which spins faster, the big one or the little one? That is why I am convinced that Noah really did live for 900 years, relatively.

There is some confusion between the scientists about where Homo Sapiens come from and how they expand. Because why are Homo Sapiens called Sapiens, "the wise"? Because it is. Allah taught us everything and every name on things to these people. The most interesting thing though, that I haven't found yet, is the first "Homo Sapiens". It is said to be in Africa, when the north pole was in the centre of the earth, but I want to find proof that it wasn't in Africa, but rather in Saudi-Arabia that the first "Homo Sapiens" was.

I don't disapprove Darwin's theory about change and development, but I am not convinced about his theory about Man coming from the Apes. They are separated, and that is what Scientists tells us too, even though they are trying to find similarities between the apes and man, which they find genetically, but they can't prove that they are the same. Even an insect like a fly and a man has almost the same DNA, genetically. That doesn't mean that we are insects. But I am interested in how man was created, from earth and water and where and when that happened...

To be continued...

A Guide to Islam

When you first is a Muslim it is overwhelming, most of the time. 

You will be fatigued of all new information you will get. So to be able to grasp everything, you must take time to read and contemplate. You will feel that what you hear and read is not what you have learnt as a child, teenager or as an adult. Until now you are unaware of what Islam has to offer and what Islam is. You are also unaware of what happens in the world and what is going on. On top of that you are also confused about what has been said and what you are going to read. There will be conflicts not only within yourself but also with others, and certainly discussion with other Muslims. The biggest struggle will still be with your own mind and soul. You are used to do things in a certain way, to think what you think. It is really difficult to change not only your belief and your thoughts but also your conception of life.

Islam is not only a way of living. 

It is not a lifestyle in the sense most people want it to be. Most people who reject Islam says that the Islamic lifestyle doesn’t fit them. Islam is not about fitting somebody’s views or personal lifestyle. Islam is about submission to the only and true God, the One who is Allah. Allah is above everything we ever think about God. If you think that you can imagine God, you are wrong. You can’t because every thought you have about God is created, and God is not created.

Islam is about telling the truth about who you are, why you are here on earth and what happens after we die. 

Many religions try to tell us about life and death and how we should live and die, but only Islam can give you the keys to a great lifestyle and a good life after death. 

No, you may think. Every religion tells you the same thing, that they have the truth. Yes, that is true, but only partly. They are partly guided, but most of their scriptures and traditions are changed into something unrecognized unto what it have been before. Every people have been guided, even the Native Americans and the Chinese people. Everybody. Everywhere and anytime. From the first man on earth to the last one. They have all had people who were directly demanded to tell the people about God. These people were called prophets. There has been thousands of prophets during centuries, from Adam and Eve until prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The prophet who came before Muhammad peace be upon him, Jesus, will come back again as he is not dead yet.

Now you think that Islam is like Christianity.

No it is not. Christianity is about believing that a person is God and that God has a son and a mother. No, Islam is very clear on that subject. God is Allah and he is unique. He has no son, He is not created and he has not been born nor will He die. He is the Master of Universe and knows everything, even your thoughts and subconscious thoughts. He knows you better than you do yourself. He knows what is good for you, because He knows everything about you as he was the Creator of you and the earth and everything that exists. 

God is the Greatest and above everything we think He is. He is the One we will go back to and meet after this life. 

Really, you think. After this life. But there are so many who die every day without being Muslims. In what condition are they after death? Is God unjust? No God is never unjust. He is very merciful, but most people who don’t know that, they believe the opposite, and make fun of their Creator. They were nothing and they are nothing, and still they are not afraid of challenging and mocking God. They are the people that are furthest from Islam, the submission of Allah. And they will face the truth, because we all will, whether we want it or not. But we all wait for death and what happens after death. Because no Muslim will see the results of his or her actions and thoughts until after death. 

Even the Muslims are not safe by just being a Muslim. 

A Muslim must strive hard all his life to gain Paradise. And even when he strives for Paradise, it is not by his actions and belief that he will be enter Paradise, but with the mercy of Allah. It is only Allah who decides whether a person can enter Paradise. That is why nobody can judge a person today if he or she is going to Paradise or not. No one knows. Not even the Muslims. Only God knows. Allahu Alem.

The first year after my emigration or Why I left my job and country

The first year, 2011-2012, was a very hard year. 

The first couple of months was not only hard for us, the parents, but also the kids. Everything was new for us. Language, environment, people, culture, traditions, routines, school, food, friends and more. That is why I quit job and concentrated me on just be with my kids. It was a huge change in my life. From having so much to do, to now only concentrate on my kids and not having my husband around, was a big threat to myself. I went depressed, because I didn't do anything. My parents and sisters and brothers in law helped me with my kids. That would be great if it wasn't for the fact that I wasn't used to it. I hated it. 

I hated to be taking care of. 

My mother had ignored me when my kids were born. I had no help at all, all my life, and now everybody helped me. I couldn't stand it. It was quite terrible for somebody who had done everything, now had nothing to do. No job, no taking the kids to school, no studies, no friends, no one that understood me. My husband was far away from me and I was alone. I behaved very badly sometimes, and I regret that, but I was really depressed. But when I had my own place to stay, everything changed for the better. That is all about Patience and trials. I have went through it, not without complaining, but I have managed to survive and only good can come out of patience, because Allah has said that! 

After trials there will be relief! 



7 ways to upgrade your life

Upgrade your life 

When you talk about technology you always look for the last versions to upgrade into. Why not upgrade your life too. Isn’t it worth it if you are going to have a much better world?

1. Stop whining all the time. It is of no use whining. If you want to talk about your problems, please analyze it first, then talk to somebody you think you will accept an advice from.

2. Your family means very much to you, but stop concentrate on what they say about you and start acting within your own ideals. They will change when you change.

3. You deserve much better. Don’t let anyone who doesn’t like how you live influence you. Find friends and start interact with them. Tell them what you want and they will support you.

4. Don’t divorce. Most of the time it is only little things and egoism. Try harder.

5. It takes courage to be what you want to be. If you want to be a Muslim, then don’t let anybody else put you down. You are worth so much more.

6. Tell people what you are thankful for and they will give you more of that. People love to help thankful people.

7. Don’t be afraid of people. They can’t do you any harm, as long as you don’t do anything badly.

Remember to have patience. Be strong and keep your values intact - but do not forget to be open within reason. 

When it comes to after life and death, Muslims are the most knowledgeable

Most religions talk about death and what comes after death, but no religion has the answer except Islam.

In Islam you can find detailed descriptions on how the dead person is met by angels, how they look, how the dead person is raised up to the first heaven, what happens there and then what happens in the grave. Islam also talk about Judgment Day, the Resurrection, the Bridge over the Hell fire and Paradise. It is very descriptive, even though it is nothing like what we have here on earth. This was one thing that made me interesting in Islam. Christianity can never be compared to what Islam has to say about death and after-life. Islam is pre-eminently. 

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him

I know a man who lost his parents but refused to be called an orphan. He was born during the age when female infanticide and murder was rampant, when people took created things as Gods, anything they feared or found strange become a God for them, gambling, alcohol, slavery and many more evils were rampant. He was man enough to love a strong woman years older than him, worked for her and made her stronger, opened his heart to her, shared his fears to no one but her. He was romantic and was faithful to her till her last breath. Cleaned after himself and sewed his own clothes. He was good looking, courageous and fearless. He never judged anyone on their pasts or looks, and was moderate, open minded and tolerant. His neighbor was Jewish and his cousin-in- lawwas a Christian priest. Beaten and exiled when he was helpless, he was merciful when he became stronger. Intelligent, wise and a hard worker, he built a long lasting nation out of nothing in the last 20 years of his life. People who stoned him once, or intended to Murder him, turned to be the most faithful and loving. He was the final messenger sent by GOD with the last revelation(The Holy Quran) and his life as a Guidance for all ages. He had no parents, but loved his daughters and grandchildren. His last will was "Be good to women". This man was a mercy for all mankind, this is my

P R O P H E T 
M U H A M M E D 

Peace be Upon Him.

It is a challenge doing nothing at all.

When you watch a movie, listen to music or dance, you easily forget about your life or sufferance. 

You feel so good, because you can't remember where you are, what you do or what you are supposed to do. When watching a couple die and leave their daughter in a movie, nobody talks about what happens afterwards. They should, because that would remind you of why you are here on earth, and make your brain functioning again. But today movies make us forget about why we live. But if you turn on the television again, and tune in to Saudi - Qur'an, you will find people doing tawaf around Kaba. You will hear the Qur'an and perhaps read the translation in English.

The feelings that you had before, that were joyful and happy, now turns down slowly and you will start functioning your brain and heart again. Before you did that, it was like your brain was dead while you was watching the movie. Now you will feel peace in your home again. If you are sensible and have a pure heart, you will perhaps cry. Maybe you will start to think about life again and why we are here but also contemplate on what we are going to do after we die? And if we still are interested in music, dancing and movies when we lie in our graves?

Is it meaningful to spend hours after hours filling our time with meaningless pieces of action? 

Sometimes you really feel that if you are going to survive (because life is boring and nothing ever happens to you) you must watch a movie or listen to music. You tune in the radio on your favorite channel to forget about the hardship and the trials of life (one of those is having patience even though you are having a boring life. Sometimes boring is good).

It is really difficult to do nothing.

If you don't watch television, nor listen to music, perhaps you enjoy surfing on the Internet or reading magazines or a book. Those things are also distractions and a way to escape and being alone, with nothing on your mind or in your hands.


If you dare to be alone for a while and even days, weeks and months, you will start reflecting on other things you are not used to reflect upon. You will also start feeling, smelling and hearing things in a different way, with more senses again. It is like a smoker who quits smoking. First the smoker doesn't feel a difference, but in a couple of hours they will start noticing the changes. They will start feeling, smelling and tasting things again with a new perspective. Or if you fast, it is the same. You become more sensible. So, if you clean yourself from pictures from movies, music and other distractions, you will certainly, too, start noticing things in your life that changes. If you have the possibility to go away and be alone for a while, you will certainly be more peaceful. If you don’t feel peaceful perhaps you are having a big struggle not distracting yourself again which takes your energy.

It doesn't have to be a movie, books or music. 

It could be food, exercise, social life, travels, sex or anything else that take away the attention of being alone, doing nothing. Even cleaning your house is a sort of distraction. The most distracting thing is the thoughts you have in your head. It is like somebody whispers to you every second of your time, or music that is repeated in your head, or a speech you must say, or things you must do that whirls around over and over again in your head. Those thoughts are also distractions. It is really difficult to think about nothing. Even counting is something or seeing colors or having a mantra. Don’t have a mantra. Just be.

A Muslim also has a lot of things in his or her head. 

But five times a day or more, they are switched out with verses from the Qur'an. The Qur'an is a reminder and guidance for me, for us, the Muslims. The Qur'an reminds me why I am born, why I live here on this earth and why I am going to die. It tells me what happens after death and what comes after it. It also teach me how to behave in every aspect in life, what is right and wrong and what is good and what is not.

When a person listens to the Qur'an he has to think more slowly than usual i.e. he must not speed up his or her thoughts, but rather feel the Qur’an.

Today everybody is hyperactive and activated 24/7 and that is not good for our souls and hearts. We must take is more slowly than we do. Doing all things in life is not what life is about. Life is about praying and to submit to God and listen to His words. We must respond to His mercy. We must stop doing things all the time. It is really hard, but we have to, if we don't want to end up like most people. We are all children at the beginning and most of us will die old. We have a whole lifetime to do just “nothing”. We will all die, so why not cogitate on that for a period of time.

The most difficult thing to do is to do nothing. 

It is much easier climbing a mountain, baking biscuits, cleaning your house, start a business or fall in love over and over again with superstars or your neighbor. Start right now and close every sound from your surroundings that you have around you, including your own thoughts. Don't do anything at all.

After some peace and rest, you will perhaps feel overwhelmed by the silence and want to stand up and do things. This is because silence could either makes you sleepy which make you want to fall asleep.

The silence could also recharge you, which will make you activated. But don't follow your instinct. Just be. After a while, for example 40 minutes, listen to the Qur'an and its message. The more you do this, the better you will become and feel and the more recharged you will be, with God’s help.

My personality as a Swedish Muslim convert

I am a realist and believe in what I can see and touch, but not only.

I am loyal and supportive to my family, community, society, even though I want to follow my passion.
I don't talk a lot about my inner thoughts and feelings when I am with people who talk a lot about them selves.
Sometimes I have an explosive temper, I react physically, especially when I feel frustrated and without support.
I have a strong physical constitution but a slow body movements. When I was a kid my mother used to say that I ran like a bear.
I don't love to watch sports, like football, boxing, soccer, but I can enjoy watching sports once in a while when Sweden or Tunisia is in the Finally of something like handball or soccer.
As I am Swedish I am very practical and sometimes stubborn and hard-headed. 
I need to achieve immediate, tangible and concrete results. That makes me feel better. So when I am writing something I usually follow the statistics directly to see what happens. It excites me very much.
Stamina, strength and team work are my strong points. I am an individualist too, but I feel much better working with people who work together with me. 

I can't live a fast, desireful, stimulating life more than one or maximum two days. After that I need some rest and peace. 

I am competitive, but I don't feel successful even though I feel that I need to achieve results and have feedback.
I tend to be honest, blunt, straightforward and very direct, but not always. I take in what I hear, analyses and then take the decision if I am going to be honest 100 percent. Sometimes it is not worth it, depending on the other person's character and relation to me.
I am powerful, self-confident, independent and practical or at least that is what I desire to be and feel.
I don't have a very eccentric, individual and unique behavior.
I am not impulsive, stimulating and explosive in my interactions. I always consider what I hear, see and feel before I do anything.
I don't always feel a need for freedom and independence in my relationships. Sometimes it is enough with a little bit. 
I am a winner and leader. I can achieve whatever I want, but I consider how my actions will lead to social consequences that I can't bear, so I give up on my self for my family. 
When I am with my family or husband, sometimes I need to be the center of attention.

I am not totally into shaping and forming physical reality, even though I love to write and draw and I am creative. 

I don't enjoy all the pleasures and adventures life has to offer. I feel it is a waste of time and money.
I always imagine and plan strategies for my next project.
I think and plan very precisely, detailed, step-by-step and I love it.
Letting go, passivity and relaxation are my priorities, because I think about others before myself most of the time.
I appear to be powerful, strong, forceful and sometimes pushy.
I need to be in control of my life, my relationships, my career. If I am not, I am depressed, and I have been so I know what I am talking about.
I am always interested what other people think or feel about me. It is important for me to be loved by people, which I am not always.
My freedom and independence are not the most important things to me.
I am interested in projects, business, sales or marketing, even though I can't do anything right now about it. I have studied buisness economics for two years and have thousands of ideas that I want to realize.
I talk mainly about my projects and challenges, which drive my husband crazy, because he is a man and can't handle everything he hears from me, so I shut up sometimes.
I love to create, shape and form ideas and concepts.

I am a very logical, analytical, rational and sequential thinker. That can make people crazy, because they don't think so much as I do.
I prefer to see the proof, logic and data behind reality, even though I am open to ideas that are not with proof, or data behind it.
I need order, stability, structure and security, so that I can concentrate on being creative.
I love to study, learn or discuss my ideas and concepts, but I feel that I only can write about it, not talk about it. People are not interested, or don't have time and I feel sometimes that I take their time, and I don't want that.
I like to have regular routines in my day-to-day life, so that I can think freely and creatively.
I talk very slowly and detailed. I think first, then I talk, most of the time. Sometimes I speak fastly though.
A safe home and a stable family are important to me, so that is why I give up some of my dreams.
I prefer solid, long-lasting and committed relationships.
I enjoy working with mechanical or electronic gadgets and I am good at it, even though it is a "guy's work".
I prefer a secure, stable work with regular income, even though I don't live like that at all. My husband takes care of that so that I can be free and creative.
I am honest, reliable and trustworthy. People count on me, even though I don't always count on myself.

I need to have fun, play, exercise or be around people, but I have difficulty to take the first step and get up from my writing in the couch.

I am happy, sunny, joyful, easy-going and enjoy life, especially if I have fun, play, exercise or am around people that make me laugh.
I need body movement, exercise, dancing on a regular basis, but I don't do it. There are some hinders for me to get there.
My body is very sensitive and acts like a biological antenna.
I can be very spontaneous, overflowing with creative ideas, which annoyes people sometimes.
I am a very bright, intelligent and radiant individual.
I love to travel, relax on a beach or dance all night long and sometimes I do that, but not as much as I would like to.
I look younger then my real age, some people think. Some people think I look older than my age, because I wear hidjab, like an old may.
I don't want responsibilities or commitments, but I have responsibilities and commitments, like my religion, my children and my marriage, so I have to be firm on that.
I like to be artistic, creative or work with my hands, especially if it lead to business activities. My dream is to be a writer, teacher and business woman.
I am good in starting new projects, but bad in finishing them, because there is always a lack of something like support, time or money.
I am always late for my meetings or very early. But I am better now than I was before to get in time.

I am very social, communicative and natural when getting out of the house and talking my mother tongue. 

When I speak a foreign language I tend not to be very social, communicative or natural. 
Nature and people are very important to me and how they feel. I am concerned about their state of body and mind.
I love animals especially dogs, horses and cats, but I don't touch dogs as I am a Muslim, even though I pet horses and cats. I have had cats when I was a child so I like cats, but not as much as my cat-loving sister.
I like to teach, communicate or give other people advice and people come to me to talk or having advice.
I can talk for hours about many different subjects if somebody would be interested in me.
I need peace, harmony and balance in my life and I strive daily to have that.
I love to be with my close friends, relatives and family, but not for so much time as they want to be with me.
I am open, quick-minded and communicative. I listen to anything, don't judge and have a good answer to most things.
Relationships and friends are most important in my life. That is why I don't follow my dreams.
Intimacy means love, affection and sharing.
Others consider me as a good teacher, therapist and counselor and love to talk to me.
I need to share and express my inner feelings, but I do that mostly by writing. Sometimes I talk to my husband and rarely with my family or friends.

I love to learn and to be intellectually stimulated all the time. Sometimes that drives me crazy. I want to DO the things too, that I am hearing or reading about.

I am quick-minded but I don't have a precise and accurate memory.
I am ambitious, competitive, goal-oriented and expect the best, but I put that aside as long as the children are still small.
I have a strong personality, perseverance and self-esteem, or at least that is what I want to have.
Wealth, luxury and money represent social status and power. Sadly enough, because I lack of everything.
I articulate and communicate very quickly, clearly and directly. I am better than my teacher is now, i.e. my husband.
I am conservative in my beliefs and behavior, but also open to new ideas, especially about myself. I am what I am, and it is really hard to change, even though I want to.
I am attractive but I don't wear expensive or exclusive clothing. I wear muslim jellaba and a hijab.
I have high expectations in my partner, friends and jobs and that is my great joy in life to push them to strive harder in everything in life. To be the best they can be.
I am a workaholic and perfectionist in working on my career, but that isn't appreciated by my family who wants my attention.
I prefer independent, high level or well-paid executive jobs. Instead I am a housewife, with no income, dependent on my husband's job and income.
I rather develop plans and ideas than do the actual work. That is really sad, because I would like to go to action, but I can't. Not in this life.

I am very peaceful, caring and supportive, most of the time. Especially if I don't have a family, and deadlines to clutch with each other.

I am more concerned about others than about myself, even though it is not true. I am concerned about others because they will affect me if they are not feeling good.
Love, God and spirituality are important to me.
I want to be loved and appreciated.
I have a slow metabolism with cold hand and feet. That is why it is not good for me to do any kind of polar expedition.
I am very social and I love to be around people, but not all the time.
I am conservative and family oriented with strong values. The same as my husband.
I want a healthy, loving and caring relationship.
I have had problems setting boundaries or saying no, but I improved.
I am a born caretaker, advisor, counselor or healer.
I am not very ambitious or goal-oriented, or at least I don't say it all the time. I have stopped doing that long time ago.

Trust, loyalty and honesty are very important.

Life is love and compassion.
I follow my intuition and my inner guidance.
I feel artistic, creative and spiritually advanced.
I am soft and sensitive yet aware and independent.
I am a clear and intuitive but also conservative thinker.
I need a safe and secure environment around me.
I need the freedom to live my inner beliefs and principals.
I love to help and support others in their growth.

I am a visionary, intuitive and innovative thinker.

I feel physical and powerful yet sensitive and intuitive.
I want to be famous or do something important in my life.
Often I am scattered or involved in too many projects at once.
I want to inspire and help improve the planet or humanity.
I want to appear to be magnetic and powerful with a magical aura.
I would love to end up in leadership positions or the center of attention.
I love the passion and power of music even if it is not good for me.
Success doesn't mean to live my vision and fulfill my destiny, rather that I have accomplished what God has ordained me to do.
Money represents power, influence and possibilities, but not always.
I need to be independent with the freedom to live my vision, but I can survive without it too.

My physical body is very fragile and sensitive. I tend to fall ill sometimes.

I am an imaginative, inspirational and artistic thinker.
I believe in dreams, angels, spirits, higher dimensions of life.
I like to focus and concentrate for long periods of time.
I don't live by my feelings and intuition only but also my rational mind.
I love to talk about my ideas, fantasies and dreams.
I am creative and full of wonder and imagination.
I have bad memory, I am often late, suddenly change plans.
I love soft, meditative music, candles and incense.
I prefer to work in relaxed, low stressed environments, but need deadlines to achieve anything and also feedback.
I have problems finishing projects because of lack of time, money and support.
I prefer artistic, healing and metaphysical activities.

I am very sensitive, vulnerable and easily overwhelmed.

Meditation, spirituality, awareness, healing are not priorities, but important.
My inner connection with God is most important to me.
I tend to be introverted, withdrawn and quiet if I don't have the language or the interest as the others.
I am sensitive to other peoples emotions and thoughts which take a lot of energy from me.
I take on other peoples energies and qualities very easily and that fatigues me.
I need a lot of time alone to recharge myself.
I choose to work in quiet, calm, peaceful environments.
I love to work with individuals in healing or counseling.


Emigration is a big trial for you, but after that there is relief

The first year, 2011-2012, was a very hard year. The first couple of months was not only hard for us, the parents, but also the kids. Everything was new for us. Language, environment, people, culture, traditions, routines, school, food, friends and more. That is why I quit job and concentrated me on just be with my kids. It was a huge change in my life. From having so much to do, to now only concentrate on my kids and not having my husband around, was a big threat to myself. I went depressed, because I didn't do anything. My parents and sisters and brothers in law helped me with my kids. That would be great if it wasn't for the fact that I wasn't used to it. I hated it. I hated to be taking care of. My mother had ignored me when my kids were born. I had no help at all, all my life, and now everybody helped me. I couldn't stand it. It was quite terrible for somebody who had done everything, now had nothing to do. No job, no taking the kids to school, no studies, no friends, no one that understood me. My husband was far away from me and I was alone. I behaved very badly sometimes, and I regret that, but I was really depressed. But when I had my own place to stay, everything changed for the better. That is all about Patience and trials. I have went through it, not without complaining, but I have managed to survive and only good can come out of patience, because Allah has said that! After trials there will be relief! Biidnillah.

It is a very hard and difficult decision you have to make when you leave your country and your partner. Many people have done that. Many have survived. The most difficult thing to see is your little girl crying like she has lost her mother for ever. That is really hard. But then you will also understand that this is only a reflection of the good, if not great relationship you have with your daughter. You understand her. You laugh with her. You sing with her. You help her with everything she needs. This gives you great perspective on family life and the importance of the mother. I feel proud of what I have achieved so far, even if I feel it is hard sometimes. Because I know that my children also will be much stronger, they will appreciate what they have - familyties and they will be more thankful! They have changed - for the better. 

A happy man is a threat against our economical and political ideology

Was Muhammad peace be upon him a Capitalist? Did he want us to expand and buy more and more? Did the prophet himself change what he had for what he didn't have? Did he replace everything he bought with something new? Was Muhammad peace be upon him happy?

These are questions a modern man must think about today. We are all in the system of Capitalism. Some are worried about the future of our Economy and how we must continue expanding if we don't want war and chaos.

But will there be war and chaos if we stop spending everything we have on new clothes, new cars, new travels, new furnitures?

Consider this.

The prophet Muhammad has lived during a period a richness with his wife Khadija who was a very wealthy woman. She contributed with everything he needed and ever wanted. But he died with nothing. He desired nothing, but to be pure in his heart. That is why he asked his beloved wife Aicha if he had anything left in his house. She said yes - a couple of dirham. So she gave the money away on prophet's deathbed.

Is this how we live today? Do we strive for having nothing left? No, we don't. We don't live like the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. We buy things everyday. We have food on our plates. We have furnitures and cars and luxury handbags. Do we think about how to get rid of these things? No, we think the contrary. We think how we can exchange these things to something better than we have. The television mustn't be a thick one from Philips, but rather a flat HD. The car has a scratch on the side and it is getting old - ten years now, so we MUST have a new one.

So how did the Economy survive in the 8th Century?

It is simple.

The only thing you must be happy with, is how you get your money and how you spend it.
You must be sure that the way you earn the money you have is a halal one. You must also be sure of how you spend the money, so that the money are beneficial for you and the society.

"The two feet of the son of Adam will not move on the Day of Judgement in front of his Lord until he is asked about five things: about his life, and how he spent it? And about his youth, what did he consume it in? And about his money, how did he earn it? And what did he spend it on? And how much did he act upon what he knew?"

A Muslim doesn't worry about his wealth. He knows that Allah has set everything up for his destiny. The only thing he has to do is to be grateful for what he has, and he will be given more of it. Allah is the Wealthiest. The only thing we do here on earth is to use what Allah has given us, a loan, and nothing of it will be with us when we die. If we stop remembering our death and what comes next, we will certainly continue contribute to the Capitalism and what comes with it.

 "Your wealth and your children are only a trial (fitnah). And Allah - With Him is a great reward (Paradise)." [Surah al-Taghabun, 15]

A Muslim must see that everything he has is a trial for him. He doesn't own anything he has. They are only a loan and can perish at any time. So what does Allah want us to do with what we have?

"Say: If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwellings in which you delight, are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger, and striving in His Cause, then wait until Allah executes His Decision (torment). And Allah guides not the people who are rebellious (disobedient to Allah)." [Surah al-Tawbah, 24]

Allah doesn't say that we cannot gain more of this world, but He says that we attach our heart to what we have, more than we do to our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and what he has done and more than we attach our heart to Allah and the Hereafter.
"The Day of Judgement has come close, and mankind will only increase their desire for this world, and they will only go farther and farther away from Allah."

It doesn't say that you cannot be wealthy. In fact, the wealthy person who does good is better than a poor person who wants to do good, so we must strive for wealth. The problem is that we are human and that we easily attach our heart to what we have accumulated. That is why we must consider if we are able to do the right thing with what we have. What is the best thing for my soul to do? That is a tough question and it is up to you to answer it. 

"The businessmen will be resurrected on the Day of Judgement amongst the sinful (fujjar), except those who have taqwa of Allah, and are honest and truthful."

So be careful on how you get your money and how you spend it. Because you will be accountable for everything you have done with it.

"Three things destroy, and three things save. As for the three things that destroy, they are: greediness that is obeyed, and desires that are followed, and a person becoming self-conceited (and proud) with himself. As for the three things that save, they are: the fear of Allah in secret and public, and moderation in poverty and richness, and fairness in anger and pleasure."

But, and there is a but. You must also consider not to be poor, because there is a trial in being poor too. It is not easy to be poor either. The best thing you can do is to pray this, just like the prophet Muhammad himself peace be upon him did.

"O Allah! I seek your refuge from the evils of the fitnah of wealth, and the evils of the fitnah of poverty." [8]

Both poverty and wealth are fitnahs — ways by which Allah tries and tests us.

"The plentiful (i.e., the rich) will be the lowest on the Day of Judgement, except he who distributed his money left and right (i.e., at all times), while he earned from pure (means)."


Abu Said related that the Prophet said: The truthful and trustworthy businessman will be in the company of Prophets, saints and martyrs on the Day of Judgment. (Darimi, Tirmidhi)


How to build a rocket - the understanding of islam

The Muslims in the West must speak but not anyone because MEDIA really knows how to twist anything around. There isn't just black and white. The issue is very complex and that needs professional understanding on an Academic Level. Most people that read stuff in Media aren't capable of grasping things above their head. They can understand what a rocket is, but if a scientist starts to talk in details - the listener will be lost. That is why Muslims fail to speak and gain understanding, because they are on a completely different level than others about Islamic knowledge. If you only know what is a screw-driver and how to put up some shelves, that doesn't mean that you know anything about rockets. That is the same with the "knowledge of Islam" that most people have. They only have the screwdriver... That is not enough. You have to have a completely understanding from the basics of mathematics to great analytics. Most Muslims aren't capable of that either. They also only have a screwdriver and some other stuff. But not the knowledge. They can do a lot of harm with those tools if they believe that they are capable of telling how to build a rocket. That is why Muslims fail to tell the "truth" about Islam. They don't have the tools to do it.

Please read more.

The Muslims in West must speak BUT (!) - also show patience, respect and love!

The Muslims in West must speak! But not anyone. It must be someone who is capable of giving the full response in a good way, like Tariq Ramadan. He is a great spokesman for the Muslim community and a well trained leader in how to handle the media - just like a President or a celebrity must be! Because Media knows exactly how to twist everything around and make a hen out of a feather.

The fire that led to the death of an ambassador in Libya is not a spontaneous one, but we don't know anything about the people that did this. What do they do every day. How are they treated by their surroundings. Are they even Muslims? Do they pray? Are they anything like the prophet Muhammad?

The Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) was cursed, slandered, physically beaten, choked, had garbage thrown on his head, pelted with stones, and had his teeth broken, all by people who later became Muslim. The same people that caused him so much pain later became his sources of joy and happiness, and the ones who gave their lives to him. How was this possible? Because the Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam)’s answer to all of the pain he suffered, was patience, respect, and love.

If we want to save our Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam)’s honour, we should start by acting like him.

The issue is that the West doesn't understand what is good. They do believe that love, peace and patience are good things. The problem is with WHAT we should have patience. HOW must you show your love and HOW can we make peace? Those questions are much more complexe than a single yes and no. Even though the Muslims have guidance in their faith, the noble Qur'an, fiqh and sunnah, they don't have all the answers. For that cause you must use your brain and your heart.

The problem to that last sentence is that the brain and the heart can be filled with different things - that is why there are so many opinions around the world from Muslim sources and also how different the reactions are from Muslims. They are not all the same. Muslims don't have one soul and one heart. They are separated. Both West AND the Muslim world must understand that.

What many people doesn't know is that the Muslims are quite ignorant about their religion today. They have been distanced from the religion by their surroundings or by their President and his staff for decades. They have forgotten about islam. They are still Muslims, like the Christians are Christians, but they don't know anything about their religion. Most people that read Qur'an, like the Convert Muslims, will have an understanding that most other don't have. The so called "Muslims" in the world are led by their culture and their traditions that are AGAINST islam. When a Muslim convert comes to their countries, they are all astonished by how the "Muslims" live. They do so many things that are the furtherst from islam, that they start believe that this IS islam. That is NOT true.
There is no place in the world where you can find the REAL islam today and the REAL Muslims. The REAL Muslims are out there, but you have to dig to find them. They hide from many things. Some of them speak up, but most of them remain silent. They subside! 

Even the leaders of islam are quite afraid of speaking the truth about islam and sometimes they don't have knowledge to speak. The same is with a rocket-builder. You should listen to an amateur if you want to build one - that would be a cadastrophy. So that is why one must learn for himself today - with the help but the best of the Muslim. There are Universities that teach islam and the ruling of islam. That is how you can get some of the religion of islam. For example. You can study at the Islamic University Online in Qatar to have the bases of islam, exactly the same way a rocket-builder must proceed to have knowledge in how to build a rocket. And that is how you will build your understanding and love for the prophet himself. You will know things that you didn't know before and you will start changing your opinions and heart. The people that have read about the REAL prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, have ALL said the same thing - that he was a great man and great personality. He was a true guidance to everyone. I will give you one example.  

Muslims love Jews!

If you are ignorant you will only read some lines and verses in the Qur'an about how to handle some on the Jews. If you only know this, and don't have the full picture, you will certainly believe that the Muslims don't like Jews. That is NOT true.

Even though it says in the Qur'an that you shall abhore them, the prophet Muhammad himself didn't hate the Jews. He loved them. There are many stories about how the Jews treated the prophet and how he reacted to those mistreats. He was always patient, loving and had always respect for every Jew. He was kind but firm in his religion. The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him only wanted to pray all night long. He wanted everyone to pray like him. He wanted everyone to know about God and to love God. He wanted everyone to choose for them selves so that they didn't become hypocrites. He wanted people out of suffering and affliction. He never beat anyone. Most of his time he spent giving to poor people. He took care of them, he took care of the eldery and the afflicted in the society. He let the Christians and the Jews live and believe what they wanted. He loved to stay up all night, praying and crying. He was kind towards animals. Once he had a cat that he loved so much. Once the cat slept on his sleeve and he didn't want to wake the cat up so he cut off his sleeve instead. Isn't that a proof of his kindness and his dear love? 

BUT, he fought people who were unkind and unjust. He prayed to God at night to help him make the people that weren't Muslims to become Muslims. He loved everyone - even those who weren't Muslims. During the day he spoke the truth about what is good and what is not. If that wasn't enough to stop the unjustice, he fought to gain justice towards women, animals and children.

He loved peace. But sometimes you have to fight to have peace. It is only when the Winner that wins the war and He is patient, loving and shows respect, that the People can Live in Peace. 

I don't like the way the people react today. The Muslims around the world have forgotten about our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and how He reacted to everything. The Muslims are ignorant and doesn't ressemble the prophet at all. They are amongst the furtherst from Islam and the behaviour of our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. 

So please be patient. Please show love. Please show mercy towards the Muslims, because there ARE GOOD MUSLIMS around the World, and THEY are just almost like the prophet Muhammad was. 

And THEY suffer....


How to pray before you travel

To fly makes me scared. I fly a lot because my husband lives in Sweden and my kids with me in Tunisia. But I don't enjoy flying. My kids on the other hand really loves flying. They aren't scared at all. I normally pray a lot before I go on trips but I haven't today. I am going to Sweden tonight and I want to read Qur'an, because for example Surah al-Mulk, because it is a protection in the grave. What Surah and prayer's do you normally do when you travel?

I read all duas from fortress of the muslim...

Invocation for travelling

207. Allaahu 'Akbar, Allaahu 'Akbar, Allaahu 'Akbar, Subhaanal-lathee sakhkhara lanaa haathaa wa maa kunnaa lahu muqrineen. Wa 'innaa 'ilaa Rabbinaa lamunqaliboon. Allaahumma 'innaa nas'aluka fee safarinaa haathal-birrawattaqwaa, waminal-'amalimaa tardhaa, Allaahumma hawwin 'alaynaa safaranaa haathaa watwi 'annaa bu'dahu, Allaahumma 'Antas-saahibu fis-safari, walkhaleefatu fil-'ahli, Allaahumma 'innee 'a'oothu bika min wa'thaa'is-safari, wa ka'aabanl-mandhari, wa soo'il-munqalabi fil-maaliwal'ahli.

Allah is the Most Great. Allah is the Most Great. Allah is the Most Great. Glory is to Him Who has provided this for us though we could never have had it by our efforts. Surely, unto our Lord we are returning. O Allah, we ask You on this our journey for goodness and piety, and for works that are pleasing to You . O Allah , lighten this journey for us and make its distance easy for us . O Allah, You are our Companion on the road and the One in Whose care we leave our family . O Allah , I seek refuge in You from this journey's hardships, and from the wicked sights in store and from finding our family and property in misfortune upon returning.

(Upon returning recite the same again adding :)

'Aa'iboona, taa'iboona, 'aabidoona, Lirabbinaa haamidoon.

We return repentant to our Lord, worshipping our Lord, and praising our Lord.

Reference: Muslim 2/978.

Glorifying and magnifying Allah on the journey

214. Jabir (RA), said: Whenever we went up a hill we would say Allaahu 'Akbar (Allah is the Most Great) and when we descended we would say Subhaanallaah (Glory is to Allah).

Reference: Al-Bukhari, cf. Al-Asqalani, Fathul-Bari 6/135.

The traveler's invocation for the one he leaves behind

211. 'Astawdi'ukumul-laahal-lathee laa tadhee'u wadaa'i'uhu.
I leave you in the care of Allah , as nothing is lost that is in His care.

Reference: Ahmad 2/403, Ibn Majah 2/943. See also Al-Albani, Sahih Ibn Majah 2/133.

What to say upon returning from a journey

From every elevated point say Allaahu 'Akbar (Allah is the Most Great) three times and then recite:

217. Laa 'ilaaha 'illallaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu, lahul-mulku, wa lahul-hamdu, wa Huwa 'alaa kutti shay 'in Qadeer, 'aa'iboona, taa'iboona, 'aabidoona, lirabbinaa haamidoona, sadaqallaahu wa'dahu, wa nasara 'abdahu, wa hazamal-'ahzaaba wahdahu.

None has the right to be worshipped but Allah alone , Who has no partner . His is the dominion and His is the praise , and He is Able to do all things. We return repentant to our Lord, worshipping our Lord , and praising our Lord . He fulfilled His Promise, He aided His slave, and He alone defeated the Confederates.

Reference: Bukhari 7/163, Muslim 2/980. The Prophet (SAW) used to say this when returning from a campaign or from Hajj.

And if nessisary (if im travelling through dawn)
The traveler's invocation at dawn

215. Sami'a saami'un bihamdillaahi wa husni balaa'ihi 'alaynaa. Rabbanaa saahibnaa, wa 'afdhil 'alaynaa 'aa'ithan billaahi minan-naar.

He Who listens has heard that we praise Allah for the good things He gives us. Our Lord, be with us and bestow Your favor upon us. I seek the protection of Allah from the Fire.

Reference: Muslim 4/2086, the meaning of sami'a saami'un (who listens has heard) is that 'a witness has witnessed our praise of Allah due to His blessings and favor upon us.' It could also be read samma'a saami'un, in which case it means 'one who has heard this statement of mine will convey it to another and he will say it as well.' This is due to the attention given to the Thikr (remembrance of Allah) and supplications made during the early morning hours. The meaning of his saying 'Our Lord, be with us and bestow Your favor upon us' is: 'Our Lord, protect us and guard us. Bless us with Your numerous bounties, and avert from us every evil.' See An-Nawawi, Sharh Sahih Muslim 17/39.


How to find true love: Say and believe: "I am beautiful inside and out"

Regardless of our culture, our level of education or economic status, at the depth of all of us are the same desires- to love, to be loved, and to be happy.

Of course we could add other desires to this list, like money and wealth and fancy
things, but when you drill into these things, the reason for wanting them is so that we can appear more desirable, and will hopefully be loved and accepted.

If love is something so fundamentally important to us, then why is it that we have so many issues and misunderstandings in the area of finding it? I think the answer is simple, that most of us have never been educated in this fundamental area of our development.

Chances are, you didn’t grow up with parents who were relationship experts, and we certainly didn’t study relationships in our high school curriculums. For most of us, it’s been an adventure in trial and error and learning through pain and heart-break. But is there an easier way?

The problem comes when we find ourselves in a relationship and we are constantly comparing our partners with this conjured-up ‘perfect’ person. When that happens, we stop appreciating our partner for all the beautiful qualities they do possess.

The truth is this perfect person does not exist. More importantly, we may not actually need all of these qualities in a partner to be extraordinarily happy.

What we need is to identify the most important qualities that we must have in order to feel satisfied and fulfilled


Love Yourself First

Because if you do not love yourself and improve yourself, then how would you find somebody that does the same. Think that you will find somebody who ressembles you in character. If you are really good, then you will find somebody similar. If you find that you are not attractive, then you will find somebody similar. So the first thing is to work with yourself. then you will find your match.

All those books that make your heart pump

Me, myself has read books sometimes that, even though I am a Muslim and I can argue about islam, it is sometimes really difficult to read them.

What the author does is to pick everything a woman or a man has difficulty with, and then write about it with such a style that you cannot but abhor everything about it. I had to revire all my knowledge and patience for not falling into the trap. The author only want people to get further from islam. 

The authors thought and purpose and with those books is to ridicule some "facts" and torn everything upside down by chosing the "right" words that makes anyone upset. He leaves everything else out.  

Anyone who read those books will hate islam - even the Muslims that really love everything about islam - subhanallah. Even though the Muslim knows the answer and the real story, he cannot but fall into the trap over and over again, with more "facts" and adjectives. 

So throw those books away as soon as possible! They only hurt you and read books that are written by good hearted Muslims instead, like Bukhari and Muslim.


I emigrated for the sake of Allah from Sweden to Tunisia

I emigrated one year ago to Tunisia and can't regret it. It is the most hard and wonderful thing at the same time. I have learnt so many things, my children have grown both mentally, spiritually and physically. They feel much stronger now and they are interested in islam in a way they never were before when they lived in Sweden. They attend a private arabic school and learn french, arabic, science and math. They also attend the local mosque and hear adhan every day. They see people pray, not only me and my husband, but many people. They don't see many children pray though... But we talk about Tunisia now! I live here since a couple of months after the revolution that started here in February 2011, when a man burnt himself out of frustration. We didn't knew if we were going at all, but I was really decisive and has never changed my opinion of going. I can see myself living in two countries, because I emigrated by myself with my two kids, and left my husband alone in Sweden. He doesn't have any family in Sweden, not even mine as I am a Muslim convert, but I have his family by my side who helps me all the time. Please tell me your story and share it with others. You inspire me!


Prophet Muhammad and Cat Lovers

The Prophet Muhammad (s) was tender and kind towards cats. He appreciated cats. Muhammad’s (s) favorite cat was called Muezza. There is a well known story regarding the Prophet Muhammad (s) and Muezza.

When the call to prayers was heard, 

Muezza was asleep on one of the sleeves of the Prophet’s (s) robes. The Prophet (s) wanted to wear the robe to go to prayers. Rather than disturb Muezza, Muhammad (s) cut off the sleeve to leave Muezza in peace. Prophet (s) then stroked the cat three times, which, it is said, granted Muezza seven lives and the ability to land on his feet at all times (as you might know, cats have a self-righting mechanism,a righting reflex, which is a complex series of movements when a cat falls and which protects the cat from breaking her back).

Prophet (s) was so attached to his cat that when he gave sermons he let Muezza rest on his lap and he also drank from water previously drunk by his cat. He also did his ablutions from the same water that was drunk by a cat. He seemed to treat his cat in the same way as cat lovers do today but even cat lovers might think twice about drinking the same water that had been drunk by a cat for fear of transmission of disease from the cat’s saliva (but see below).

Islam teaches Muslims to treat cats well and that the cat is a creature to be cherished and loved. Mistreating a cat is regarded as a severe sin in Islam.


Not a proper Muslim if you don't wear niqab?

Where does it say that you are not a proper Muslim if you don't have niqab etc! The sunnah of Prophet Muhammad was that women shall cover everything - except face and hands. The wives of the prophets had to cover the face too though, but not the rest of the women. The veil is a symbol saying that you are A Muslim, a good woman who doesn't betray others, who help people, who struggle with her own self. The veil tells us that the woman in front of us is a strong woman with a good heart and nobody can put her down, because she knows her value. I am really sorry for those who doesn't believe they are proper Muslims if the don't wear everything the wives of the prophet did, because they do much good in reminding everybody about Allah and why we are here on earth and that you should repent at once. The veil is a blessing for all people. 


Going back to Tunisia!

Yesterday we were prepared to go to Tunisia. The day before yesterday we didn't knew that we were going to Tunisia at all, until midnight, when we found cheap tickets, half-price. Normally we pay 13 000 SEK or around €1,500 or $1,900 (thank you likeforex.com) but yesterday we went with Apollo, that had changed their name to Novoair, which I didn't recogized until I saw their logo. The ticket cost us around 4,000 SEK instead €470 or $600, for one week to Enfidha without hotel. That was fine for me, because I already have a home in Tunisia, but in the capital, Tunis.

The whole family met us and we ate together. They had waited for us all night long, when we arrived at 23.00 pm local time. We were all tired but happy when we slept that night. They had also painted all the doors in the house. Because in is a newbuilt house it is not finished yet, so every year we try to fix and improve the state of the building. There are five apartements, but only two of them are built and have everything like kitchen, toilettes, floor, windows, doors etc. You can follow the work at How to build a house 2012

I write about my stay in Tunisia at my blog Tunis, Tunisia

As I was very disappointed last year with the effort of trying to teach me arabic of my parents-in-law's I will this year not only study arabic at Bourgiba-school and pay a fee for the enrollment, but also study at the islamic online university of Qatar for a BA in islamic studies.  About my studies in Arabic and in other languages I have made a blog for that purpose too: How to learn 99 languages.

As I am a born teacher (not officially, but I have worked as a substitute teacher for a long time) I have put my focus on my own kids since they were born. I want them to learn all great things there is to learn about life, so that they will have a great career and a good mind and heart. I don't only talk about islam, but most of all i try to teach Swedish, English, French, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Social Skills and Economics, Gymnastics and Swimming, How to behave and treat other people, About this I have made a blog too. it is called How I prepare my kids for life.

When I was in tunisia i had an urge to learn Qur'an, but I didn't have the tools to do it. I, personally, have had trouble learning Qur'an by myself, especially when I only tried to read it from a book. But when I found out that Harf Kids taught here at Internet, then it went much better. But it was not until my husband started to help me that I advanced more. So one lesson that I have learnt today is that I must have a teacher. This summer we celebrated Ramadan during the summer vacation. We were able to study Qur'an, learn verses by heart, attend to the local mosque in gothenburg where we spent the whole summer. 

About life and the purpose of life, I have written posts on Madelaine Khammar

However, today I woke up with the throat acheing. I had been brought in a car with gas leaking out from the exhaust system into the car. I didn't want to open the window but i had to, if not I would have been feeling nausea, which I did and head-ache, which I had. The bad thing with the open window was that I was very warm, in the night with 25 Degrees Celsius (78 Degrees Farenheit) and I believe that when the wind chilled me during around 2 hours with a high speed on the high way, this wasn't good for me. Today I sneeze too and my body aches. 

I have brought but little food with me. When we are in Sweden I feel better, and I wasn't sick one day for two months, even though it is raining, I walk in the rain, I sleep with the window open and it is cold outside. I can handle that. I don't know why I can't handle it in Tunisia and why I always get sick here. I really don't, because I live exactly the same here, except for the climate, the temperature and the air. 

I don't eat the same either. I like to drink milk in Sweden, but in Tunisia I hate it. I can't stand their French milk. I don't eat bread here either, but in Sweden I love all the different kinds of soft bread. In Tunisia you only eat Baguette all the time. I am sick of baguette. As my brother-in-law worked for a pastry he brought Croissant every day to us. It was really great, for a couple of month, but now I don't have that taste for it any longer, because I get sick when I eat it, because I am allergic to the nuts in the  chocolate croissants. I can eat the other croissants, but they are too sweet and heavy. Not good for my health or for my figure (which I don't have anyway but why getting the figure worse, no - stop).

So what do I eat in the morning? I prefer two things. The first thing is honey and Cinnamon together with a glass of tepid water. The other thing is egg with cheese and paprika. The second thing I appreciated when I started with LCHF-diet, which I have tried for a couple of days. Before that I hated to eat breakfast. I haven't eaten today, yet, even though I am hungry. I woke up three hours ago. I don't have eggs at home, so I have to go and buy that later. I don't have anything in my frigerator, except for a bottle of water, a couple of drink-yoghurts, juice and Muffins on the table (if my kids haven't taken them). Because my body hurts I don't want to go down to my parents-in-law. I don't want to put on clothes and start my day. I am tired after the trip. I woke up at 5.45 am yesterday and went to bed at 3 a.m. today. Perhaps I need a little bit rest. But my stomach wants some food now and I feel the stomach burning something else now, waiting for me to give it food. I also hear my children argue, so I should stop writing and focus on them and on me instead. 


Things that makes us (Muslims) laugh

When Obama was elected President, we all laughed, but in a good way, because we really believed that he could make a change. Yes we can was his message. But the fact is that he couldn't. So now we laugh another time, but with a sad tone into it because we understand that Obama, like every President before him, only are marionettes for the big spectacle that occurs behind the curtains. Islam has the answer for everything, but Obama, who knows islam and Allah, has turned away from the true path. It is ridiculous to believe that a man can change everything if he hasn't the support he needs. Whether it is a huge military base in every country or Allah. But the only Ummah, society, that has survived and not collapsed like the Persians or Rome did, is the Muslim community. We cannot forget this - ever and remind us that islam will be great again - when Jesus comes back and Mahdi as well and all that really believed in the prophets will follow him, both Christians, Jews and Muslims. 

A true mercy for all of us - the veil

It is true that hidjab is a true mercy for all of us. But before we understands the benefits, the real benefits with hidjab, maybe you have to work with your iman. It was not the first thing that you had to do when the prophet Muhammad sws told us about Allah and his Unity. The first things were about this - faith and iman. They also had to hid for very long time, until they felt that they could show their faith truly towards everyone. Today Ummah is very weak. This makes us very unsafe towards the big Christian community. That is why Muslims made jihad - to make the Muslims feel safe and protected. The cause of jihad are two: To liberate those who live under oppression and want to be Muslims, and to announce that Allah is the only One to adore, no one else. We all know that hijab is very important, but there is so much more to work on also at the same time. You cannot do everything! You must also know that if you reveal to people that you are a Muslim, by showing your attributes like the veil, then Shayateen and shaytan will appear  because there are many amongst the men and women too, not only the djinn. And they will make your life miserable. But do not fear them, but turn to Allah and he will guide you. Knowledge is abundant and important, and it is important that you increase your iman. 


Do you want to cover your face? Read this first!

Personally I have no problem with a woman cover her face, niqab, but the focus must be on the heart and mind first, then you can think about how you behave and your appearences - like hidjab and niqab. There are so many things to work with as a Muslim woman and man, that the issue with covering up is secondary. However, it is not less important - it is important to be well dressed, the same as it is with business men etc. There is a huge logic to why a woman and a man should wear modest clothes, but this is not interesting if it is not followed by a heart and mind and behavior that is according to the faith you have. A veil without a good heart and good behavior is like putting a veil on a monkey - it only destroys the image of the Muslims - because true Muslims are good and kind and the best among people toward their families and their neighbors and in the society and it is ashame that this is not clearly shown today. Muslims that follow islam has many things to contribute to society, but if focus is on the veil and only on the veil, then I understand why their is a lack of sympathy and good feelings towards Muslims, because most Muslims today behave very badly. If you are a bad Muslim and put focus on the veil and the beard and that is the most important thing, then you will certainly not only be hated by the Muslims but everybody else too. So the veil IS good and the beard IS good, but it has to be followed by good behavior (and a pure heart and mind).

The veil

The more you talk about a subject, the less focus is on other topics. So if you want to focus on other, more important things, like getting out of shirk, then stop focusing on the hidjab. The hidjab is a sign that you are a Muslim woman and that nobody should mess with you. You know your value as a Muslim woman and the scart represents that value and nobody can take that away. I agree that you shouldn't put so much focus on the scarf, as this is not the most important thing in islam. There are so many things to focus on BEFORE the scarf. But if you have managed to do all things then THEN you can start with the hidjab-discussion. But society is so superficial that hidjab always is the number one topic and that is unfair and not proportionally to what islam expect of you. Take care of your heart and your faith - then focus on your acts and body. 


High fashion Muslim clothing - made in Tunisia

I know the difficulty for every woman to find something sophisticated to wear in the Western countries. I have had the same problem. That is why we, my friend and I, tried to start a High fashion Muslim clothing buisness. We started with hidjabs, i.e. the veils with uniform colors. But I didn't have the experience in fashion business, so we didn't continue the upstarting business. But I still do want to have a Project Runway in the future.I have found several High Fashion Muslim business out there and I want to compete with them soon e.g. Barjis. I really want to be on the London fashion show and that BBC interview me and my team.Make dua for me that I will continue in my way of spreading good.

High Fashion Muslim veils from Houda Fashion - made in Tunisia