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10 signs your heart is pure

10 signs your heart is pure
It is important to purify your heart. The heart is the key to Everything.

Everything is thoughtforms manifesting into reality - in this dimension at least.

But how do you know that you have a good pure heart?

1. If somebody tells you about anything - you only react with love and curiosity, like a Child is curious. You don't judge anybody. If you are triggered somehow, you purify it by doing conscious work (Read article about Shadow work).

2. You never feel alone.  You enjoy being alone. Because you are never really alone. They don't mind being by themselves for five minutes. They love their own energy. They love being on the beach, in the sun, in nature, by themselves, in total Peace. They feel like they are surrounded by different species around them - spiders, animals and Everything else in Life.

3. You are interested in the occult/the hidden science. You want to know more about jinn, and mathematics. You know that what you are Learning in school isn't the truth, or even part of the whole truth. You feel that you can't speak about anything. You want to talk about aliens, about the akashic records, sumerian texts, the pyramids in Egypt.

4. You eat high frequency food, which generate Health. Foods with Life enzymes. You Wake up eating fruits and berries, kale, spinach, herbs like dandelion. All of this increases the frequency of your body and if it does, so does your Health. Your Health is 62 MHz and above. If you are above 80 you are genius. If you are below 62 you're having disease. The more it drops, the sicker you get. So, you try to eat healthy all the time. If you know that this is the way of living, but you don't actually do it, it is Always because a part of your vibrations are negative.

5. You know that you are free. You also know that you live in a system that entraps you to do things you don't want to do. You need to read and learn all the time, and when you do this, you will start to feel that there is too much you don't know, so you stop Reading. You never can finish. You have started to read the book of Life instead, the book of Qur'an, the book of Kabbalah, the book of ancient history. You have ideas how to change the society. You know that knowledge is Power and wisdom is Everything.

6. You look younger than you are. You know that it is the emotions that ages you and that purifying the emotions make you younger. You don't belittle other for their age. If you are older you don't belittle younger. You listen to them and appreciate their thoughts.

7. You know that Life exists everywhere. Even in the tiniest area. Even chrystals are intelligent and conscious. You are open that mermaids possibly exists. You don't deny it, just because you have met one. You know that there are advanced civilisations. You know that there is so much more to know.

8. You know that you have unresolved issues. You are responsible and you take responsiblity for your actions. You are Always in the process of refining yourself. It could be relationshipwise or not being authentic all the time, fear you have.

9. You know that happiness is the key to more happiness. You follow your hearts desires. You are fulfilled because you follow your heart. You do what you like to do.

10. You know that the best feeling in Life is to be authentic. Authenticity is the key to Life happiness. You don't judge anyone, you only observe and Watch people.

If you would like to know more about how to purify your heart - read this article How to purify the heart by doing Shadow work.

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Sins in islam - good or bad?

Oppression and usury
To oppress other people can make some people happy, as they feel stronger. But the evil of it is greater than the good feelings the person that oppress others are much greater than the good that is therein.

Usury makes people happy too. It will increase peoples wealth, but the evil of the action is greater than the good.

Cheating, theft, telling lies, backbiting, false witness, cursing:
When you feel sexual desires, or in love you think that it is good to cheat with him or her, but the evil is greater than the good. 

When you steal things you feel that you are worth it, but the evil of it is much greater than the good.

When you are telling a lie, to protect yourself, your reputation or gain benefits, you feel good, but the evil is much greater than the good. 

When you are releaving your heart about things you have seen or heard, it makes you feel important or better, but the evil in doing it is greater than the benefit. 

Sometimes you feel good when you protect somebody with not telling the truth, you don't want to witness, but the evil thing in it is greater than the good. 

You neglect cursing others as you do with the flies, you think it is something childish, or out of anger you feel good to cursing others, but the evil in it is greater than the good. 

bribery, homicide, gambling, teaching and spreading harmful ideologies, witchcraft
When you want something badly, or have benefits, or be accepted above others, you might feel that it is a good thing to bribe, but the evil is much worse than the benefits.

Sometimes when you are sad or angry you feel like hitting or even kill a person, but you must know by now that killing or homicide is evil. Even though YOU might feel good for a moment, when releaving all bad feelings, the evil is much more than the good. 

The feeling, or addiction of gambling rises your hormones. You feel excited and good. But the good therein is way much  less than the evil. 

Sometimes, when you meet knew people or a new idea or ideology, you might want to implement those ideas stright off. But the evil might be greater than the benefits, so be careful. 

You are reading the tarotcards, or you are listening to someone who has magic abilities or psychic gifts. You might feel overwhelmed over what she or he says about you, and think that it is good to know yourself and your destiny. But that is only falsehood, right off. The evil in it is much greater than the benefit.