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Take control and don't let yourself get triggered

After what has happened in the world lately and in schools, beaches and in Tunisia last year, people, especially children, but also adults are open for suggestions from the government.

Trauma is a way of controlling the mass, i.e. you and me. That is why we must read surat al-kahf, to remind us every week what is waiting. It is also a reminder that they are illusions. The governement wants to confuse us, make us afraid, so that we choose what the government suggests.

This is lavage cerveau.

David Icke talks about this on his youtube-channel and on his home page.

Those who want to reform the society use media to open up ways to to make through the suggestions the government has put forward. They are the people who create terror, and amplifies it through media, repeating the message about the "bad guys". They are themselves creating terror so that they, when the deed is done, can give us suggestions about how to "fix" it.

If I have made you believe something that is not true, then I have succeeded to take control over your brain and logic. This is what media does.

Media are controlled by big companies that are linked back to the government. They choose what they want that the people see. Nothing is objective.

For those who are hesitating about the truth, they are with this article ready to judge their thoughts. Don't trust other people. Only trust yourself. Question the opinion people have, and ask yourself where they have formed this opinion.

Go to the source and find the truth from them, not a middle-man.

Thank you!


School - it is chaotic - what should we do?

I have noticed that the school in Sweden can be great, or really bad. There are violence, people beating teachers without any reconciliation, children who don't come to classes but pass to the next year. There are so many things wrong with the Swedish school, yet, the teachers are very well trained and good at teaching. The problem is that the children don't have any home-work to do. The teachers let the children have too much leisure time. This time is spent on playing on video-games, friends or watching movies all night. Children in other countries like Tunisia don't have this pleasure of leisure. From 8. a.m. to 22 p.m. it is all about studies, either in school, home or with a tutor from Monday to Saturday.

So, what shall they do with their leisure time? They have so little spare-time. They don't go to Cinema, nor do they go to play-grounds or other institutions for children, cause there are not any. Children in Sweden are very spoiled. They have everything, except morals. The teachers don't cope with the children, because there are too many. That is not a problem really, except that every child has to have attention all the time, unless it will become bored. Many children have ADHD, or ADD or are hyperactive. That is another problem. They don't eat the same as the children did 50 years ago. They eat a lot of Adds like E621, Coca Cola, and sugary stuff. Today everything has sugar in it. That is really chaos. Add to it the food the children eat in school. All children who play play-station, eat chocolate, drink Cola will certainly be hyperactive. And the parents don't have the time, nor the pleasure to cook at home and the school-kitchen don't have the right to serve good food. They have to serve sugar (carbohydrates) every day.


Should I put my children in a public school?

I put my children to kindergarden until they were five and seven. It is very hard to have the children in a school that do not teach about islam or pray or anything that has to do with islam. They learn many things, but they forget about islam. If you work, you will definitively not have time to guarde your childrens' education. That is why I moved to an islamic country. Before I did that it was almost impossible to teach them arabic, about islam, prayer or anything. But after they attended this new school where everybody around them talks arabic and they learn arabaic in school and also Qur'an, and they hear adhan and see many people go to the masjids and see me pray more, they started to get interested in islam. They were not exposed either to nudity and when they came back to Sweden in only one year after that, they were chocked about how many that wore little clothes. They asked why mummy? Why? That is a progress. The year before that they really did not care at all, none of them. Now they understand. And you have to teach them now, before they reach 12 years old. AFter that you can't give them the "feeling" and the good basics and perhaps they won't even listen to you. So please, think about your decision. It is much better to have home-school, than putting them to this school. In Sweden it is forbidden to have home-school and that is too sad because of the communist system.

If it is not possible to live in a Muslim country and let the children have friends there, certainly you must strive to take your teenage girl or boy to places where she or he can meet Muslim girl-friends/sisters,or boy-friends/brothers  like the Mosque. She or he is also old enough to make Hajj and visit Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and other Muslim countries. You must make her or him FEEL islam. Talk about things that she or he can't talk about with others like the unknown - "ghost" djinn - angels - what happens after death in the graves. Read not only for her, or him but tell her and him the things that excites you the most. He or She will FEEL that. It is too late to start something with her. You have one chance - before he or she is twelve/adult - then he or she must act within, with his or her own intentions, if he or she does not, it will all be forbiddance for him or her and perhaps he or she will hate islam! You have a year to go inchallah, make a plan directly and please have home-schooling (i have with my children in Sweden where it is forbidden to have home-schooling)

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