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4 celebrity couples you forgot ever existed

Life in Medina was pretty romantic. In light of the prophet Muhammad and Khadija's love story, we'd like to remind you of few other couples you forgot happened.

Hey, did you know that Khadija were married to a 15 year younger, honest, kind and beautiful man, and that by that time she (nor he) knew he pbuh was going to be a prophet?

Fatima and Ali got married and had two boys. Fatma was very inspiring, because she stood up for the right to speak, she was a Politician and she worked for the human rights. Ali was also very successful.

Prince Rahim Agakhan's wedding on the 31th of Augusti 2013 with American Super-Model Kendra Spears, now Princess Salwa Agakhan, in Switzerland.

And at last but not least we have...

Janet Jackson, who secretly got married to billionaire Wissam al Mana, also converted to Islam and officially retired from Music. 


Rape and harrassment of women in Egypt - is that islam? No, Islam is love, peace and respect for each other!

I would like to approach this horrible thing that is going on in Egypt today. Firstly it is not okay, and secondly it is not okay. Islam forbids Muslim MEN to look at women so how would it justify this?
Thirdly, when there was a time when there were war and there were slaves, authentic Muslims freed the slaves.

Muslims that didn't free the slaves, but rather kept them, did something hated in Islam. Islam doesn't courage slavery, islam wants to abolish slavery. So, why do I talk about it? There was a "hadith" where a person talks about raping women that were capive and the prophet himself allowed it. you could look at it two ways. The first way is the most common way, that of most non-Muslims and many uneducated Muslims.

 The first way is that this gives the right to have slaves and rape them, thus makes it licite to harrass women in Egypt. The second way is the more un-known way, that of authentic Muslims. This way is that the prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, didn't force people right away to abandon Everything they used to do. Killing small new-born Girls, drinking alcohol, circumcise Girls, have slaves, have more than one wife, etc.

He allowed [read tolerated] the worst things that was very common and un-critizised in society. Step-by-step he then took Everything of this away and left a guide for how you should approach a non-Muslim and how to be tolerate with his or her mis-guidance. Most people don't follow the best way in Life, but we have, as Muslims, character, patience and strenght enough to tolerate it, Before we fix it - which can be changed only with tolerance, love and pshychology.

It is difficult to hear all the faults you do and change all the misbehavior in one day. It has to be made step-by-step. Qur'an is a step-by-step instruction on how to behave towards people and what is the truth about Life and God. It is a guidance and reminder to Muslims.

I haven't experience this problem in Tunisia, where i live right now, but I see misbehavior not only in men but also in women, not only in how they dress but mostly on how they behave. They are not "Clean" and good. They drink alcohol, go out dancing, dress up in sexy clothes, both men and women, they go to coffeehouses to fume chicha and drink coffee. They Think about Money, marriage and having fun.

Almost nobody Thinks about love, respect, and ISLAM. Nobody. Only those with veil and face-veil.

The rest, they talk about Shariah, but many don't even know the background, then pillars of islam, and they don't use Qur'an as a guide to better behavior. They are far away from Islam. Most of the people here don't pray, evey though the family I am married to does (not all of them though). Prayer is a reminder for the people about Death and what comes after Death and that they should behave in the best manners they can. But they don't. And that is frustrating. They get angry at me for follow islam. They don't like islam - BUT they don't KNOW Islam. Children and teenagers are worse than those in Europé or USA.

I don't feel like a part of this soceity I live in. I don't feel connected with the people around me. NObody seems to know anythig about ISlam. They listen to muslic and watches soap-operas but they should instead read the Qur'an or other useful scientific stuff. They don't read, they don't write. They are worse than pigs and dogs. And these are suppposed to be my sisters and Brothers.

I feel ashamed of them. BUT, I have family and friends that ARE Muslims and understand ISLam toto and want to follow ISLA,. Some people understand but don't want to change andd to be a muslim is ALL about change - change of character and become a better person. Islam hates rape. Islam hates people that behave that way, but Islam tells people to be tolerant and to communicate


Why do you do it?

You should never do it because it will appreciated, you must do it because Allah told you so and that is why you keep doing it with love!


The secret call to Islam and the importance of gifts

Khālid ibn Sa`īd ibn al-As or Khalid ibn Sa`d ibn al-`As al-Amawi (Arabic: خالد بن سعيد‎) was a companion to prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and he had a daughter called Umm Khalid, as she had a son that she called Khalid - after her father.

The era of secret call to Islam was the time when Khalid ibn Said converted to Islam. He was like us today. He had a father that was not listening to what people said about God. His father continued to follow the traditions of his family and the society. He didn't have integrity and courage nor faith to change his life and his mindset, but his son, Khalid, was a sensible person and he followed his dreams.

The dream said that if you follow our fathers wish, you will not be happy. So, he turned to the only person that he knew was not like others, a person that seemed foolish when he went against the authority of the society. He talked to the man that was not conventional, accepted as authority, rather this person was against the society.

 Society didn't like him as he didn't do as he was told to do. Khalid must have trusted in the prophet because he asked him for guidance. If he had prayed before that we cannot know, but he wanted answers on how to live he life. Counselling for a matter of fact. This was the time when Khalid accepted and followed the advice of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and he did what he was asked to do.

Khalid bin Said. Hazrat Khalid was a leading figure of the Quraysh and belonged to a rich family.

One night, Khalid bin Said, who had extensive knowledge of Arab literature, saw in his dream that our Holy Prophet (PBUH) rushed to save him when his father wanted to throw him into the pits of Hell.

He woke up screaming. Hazrat Khalid understood that such a clear dream could not be meaningless. He said, “By God, this dream is true”, and without losing time, he quickly ran to Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr said, “I hope the best for you. The Messenger of God is going to save you. Quickly go and subject yourself to him! You are going to follow him, convert to Islam, and then be with him. And he is going to save you ( by the fact that you follow his advice) from falling into Hell as you saw in your dream.”

Hazrat Khalid quickly went to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and asked, “Oh Muhammad! What do you call people to do?”

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “I call people to believe in God, who is One and does not have a partner, to believe that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger, and to forgo worshipping certain pieces of rock that cannot hear, cannot see, cannot benefit nor harm, and are unaware of those who worship and who do not worship them.”

Hazrat Khalid carefully listened to these words with respect and immediately recited the testimony of faith (shahada): “I testify that you are God’s Messenger!” (1)

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) was immensely happy that this individual had entered the circle of Islam.

Hazrat Khalid began to mention Islam to other people in his family and around as soon as he became Muslim. A while later, his wife Umayna, also joined the ranks of Muslims.

Khalid had a daughter and she once had a garment as a gift that she was given from the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

She must have been very proud of being thought of because she told people about it. It is Sunnah to give people presents as it increase the love for the other and also friendship.

"Umm Khalid said, "Some clothes, including a black khamisa (an outer garment made of silk or wool fabric) were brought to the prophet peace be upon him, whereupon he said, "What do you think whom we should give this khamisa to wear?" The listeners kept silent. Then he said, "bring me Umm Khalid." Umm Khalid said, "I was brought to the prophet peace be upon him who dressed me the garment with his own hands and said twice, Wear it out." (Narrated by al-Bukhari).

What we can understand of this was that the prophet preferred to give new clothes to people he wanted to have good kinship with. As umm Khalid was his friend he must have thought of giving something to one of his most beloved family members - his daughter.

Narrated Um Khalid:(the daughter of Khalid bin Said) I went to Allah's Apostle with my father and I was Wearing a yellow shirt. Allah's Apostle said, "Sanah, Sanah!" ('Abdullah, the narrator, said that 'Sanah' meant 'good' in the Ethiopian language). I then started playing with the seal of Prophethood (a mark in between the Prophet's shoulders) and my father rebuked me harshly for that. Allah's Apostle said. "Leave her," and then Allah's Apostle (invoked Allah to grant me a long life) by saying (thrice), "Wear this dress till it is worn out and then wear it till it is worn out, and then wear it till it is worn out." (The narrator adds, "It is said that she lived for a long period, wearing that (yellow) dress till its color became dark because of long wear.")

Questions that rise is how old she was when she was brought to him, where she lived and how she was dressed normally. Probably she was a little girl and her father was wealthy and inspite of this she didn't choose to wear a lot of new clothes every season. She lived a long life and wore the same garments we can assume, at least the garments she was given from the prophet, they were special for her and she kept it as a reminder and it felt good every time she wore it or saw it. We shall not keep things that are in excess and we shall keep things that are nice to see or wear. That will make us feel good.