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Introduction of Journal of a Muslim convert

Journal of a Muslim convert

Why Journal of a Muslim convert will broaden your perspectives and increase your understanding about converts to Islam and how you can improve your life as well.

If you want to get to know a Muslim convert and find out what I think about islam, science, personal growth people and life, then your are at the right place.

Here's the deal:

You must learn about me and also about islam to understand a Muslim convert. 

If you know what a Muslim convert thinks, then perhaps you will think better of them, not thinkiing they are brain-washed or something. 

How do we know what goes on inside the mind of a Muslim convert?

I'll break down my own mind and islam into smaller pieces and write about it here. 

Sounds interesting?

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What other people say about Journal of a Muslim convert

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About Me 

I am called Esma by my Muslim friends and my husband’s family. I love to read, investigate in research and science and write in general, especially pertaining to topics related to personal development, as well as current social and scientific insights in various areas of the world.

I have studied many languages: French, English, German, and Arabic. I am originally from Sweden and I am half Swedish, half Norwegian. I have studied economics but have to finish another year if I want to have my Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics.

I love living a healthy life, even though I also love chocolate, mint and liquorices. The most important thing in the world is my religion, spiritual, psycological and emotional health and family. I am a Muslim convert since 2000, before 911. My husband is from Tunisia. Our two children have emigrated with me to Tunisia (my husband has to work in Sweden). I am also curious about my origin that is why I am trying to do researches about the history of the world, which is really interesting.

This is made for those who want something to read on their way home on the bus, or train. You will probably read more than one article, please begin with these two: Universe is a spiral and so says Qur'an and If you eat porc meat, why don't you eat lion meat as well? without stop, and with much likeliness. Put the blog to your favourites or better, sign up for free new updates newsletter.

I surely believe that Allah exists and that he is One and I surely want to be pure in every way when I die.

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