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Comforting and support goes hand in hand

Egypt's leader. He Thinks like YOU. He IS you.
If you want to change him -
change your mind and your focus

I have had a session today with myself and my husband observing and listening. I was sad and I cried and I asked him please listen and Comfort me. This will help me so much. He did. I asked him to focus on me, even though our youngest Child intervened. He did. It was hard, but he did. And I talked and explained that it is so important to let people be sad and cry until they have finished Crying. If you don't let them cry mercy will vanish from their hearts and vulnerability will be replaced with anger and irritability.  Respect and honour will no longer prevail and you are heading toward destruction and sickness, both in heart and mind.

This is where Egypt is today. Egypt mustn't change it's government or military. It only has to change every individuals heart. Because when the heart change and the thoughts change, the leader of the country change automatically.

This is from a hadith.

The leader is Always a mirror of the peoples collective thoughts, behaviour and actions. When an individual change his or her thoughts, behaviour and actions the country will change rapidly.

YOU have the Power to change to World. You own the World. The World is within.

But to be sure man Always need proof. So search for proof that what you Think of and focuse on is there.

But also try this: Focus to find a butterfly today. Think about butterflies. Did you see any butterfly, a real one or a butterfly in a comic book?

If you didn't see one, perhaps it is because you didn't Think about it so much. But if you try this every day you will soon start to see them every where go look. And this is proof that your thoughts and your focus is your Power. You will Always find what you Think of.

Then try to find something you Think of, that you don't Think you can find where you live. Something unimaginable or something real. And search for proof.

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What would you ask the dead if you could?

I have dreamt about a dead person several times. Is it his soul I meet? Does he tell me the truth when he talk? This person is not my relative, but an adoptive son of my grandmother who also adopted my mother as well. But sometimes I dream about him. He is not always in the same shape as he was in life. In life he was very over-weighted but in my dreams he is much thinner and not so old. I have heard him speak some times, but most of the times he is silent.

So, do the souls of the living meet with the souls of the dead or not? Yes, but...

"The son of Abu Hatem said in his interpretations: On the authority of As-Sadi in His (Allahs) saying: "and those that die not he takes during their sleep". He said: He comes to it in the dream, and the soul of the living meet with the soul of the dead and they confer and acquaint. He said: Then the soul of ht eliving comes to his body in the world to the remaining fate, and the soul of the dead intends to return to its body and it is imprisoned."

So, if you meet somebody who is dead and you speak to him, is it for real or just imagination?

"The meeting of the souls of the living and the dead was denoted that the living sees the dead in his sleep, and asks him about the news, and the dead tells him with what the living does not know, and the latter's news happens, as a news in the past or in the future. May be he tells him about a property the dead had buried in a place no one other than him did know about. Maybe he told him about a debt due on him, and he mentioned for him witnesses and evidences."

You must remember that it is for real!

The most serious than this is that he tells with what he did of a doing, that no one in the world had ever knew about, and the gravest of this is his telling that you will come to us in such and such time, and it is as he tells. Maybe he tells him about matters that the living determines that not other than him knew about.

What may a dead man advice you?

"Abdullah ibn Umar ibn Abdel-Azis said: I say my father in the dream after his death, as if in a garden. Thereupon he trust to me apples. I interpreted them to be the children. I said then: What of the deeds you found the best? He said: The asking of forgiveness, O' son. "

This is only a few things and conversations that happen between the dead and the living souls. Are you prepared to meet them tonight and what would YOU ask them?

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Do the souls of the dead meet and exchange visits and confer?

The question about the souls has always interested me!

I want to know everything about the soul as the science haven't given so much of that subject to us yet. Most people believe that we have a soul. Christians and Jews too. But most of us don't know so much about the soul. We make up stories. 

That is why islam is so fascinating. It does not talk only about life, rules and heart. Islam talks about life after death, the soul, the Ressurection day, The Paradise. 

The souls cannot be ghosts

Ghosts are not souls that are dead. Ghosts or more precisely "djinn" and they are made of fire. We cannot see the djinn with our own eyes, but the donkeys can, as the rooster is able to see the angels. That is why everytime you hear a donkey do his noisy loud you can be sure he has seen a djinn and every time a rooster makes his sound, he has seen an angel coming or leaving. 

But for the souls, I will tell you the truth. 

1. There are two sort of souls

Its answer is that the souls are two parts: /Those who are /tortured souls and /those who are/ benefactor souls. The tortured is in occupation with what it is in, of the torture from the exchange of visits and the colliding. The benefactor souls, are those related, not imprisoned meeting, exchanging visits and confering what was of it in the world, and what is of the people of the world. 

2. The spirits meet at the death and talks to each other

"Saleh Al-Mari said: 'It reached me that the spirits meet at the death, and the souls of the dead say to the soul going out of earth: How was your dwelling, and in which of the two bodies were you? A Pleasant on or evil? Then he cried until the weeping had overcome him.'"

3. The people of the graves are waiting and asking about us

"The son of Abu ad-Dunia had mentioned from a hadith by Sufyan, from Amr ben Dinar, from Ubaida ben Umair. He said: 'The people of the graves are waiting and asking about the news. If the dead comes to them they would say: What did Such do? Thereupon he would say: He is righteous, what did Such do? He would say: He is righteous. What did Such do? Thereupon he would say: Did not he come to you? Did noo he come forward to you place? Thereupon they would say: We are to Allah, and we are to Him returning. He proceeded trough a way other than our way.'"

4. Not everybody meet each other

"Ubaid ben Umair said: 'If the dead dies the souls meet him asking him as the convoy ask what did Such do? If he says: He died, and they did not come to him, they would say: He went with it to Hell" (Fire). 

This means that if a person dies and he is righteous he will meet other righteous people. 

When the souls start to talk they ask each other about others they knew and what happened with them, and sometimes the answer is that the person they knew and had died never came to them at all. 

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Does the dead person know about the visit of the livings and their salutations?

Nobody have ever talked about death as the Muslims do. The Christians don't and the Jews don't. When somebody talks about death in the Western society, they only talk about how to bury the dead person. That is it. Then they talk about the grief about the person who lost somebody. That is it. But, in islam, we have many hadiths about the death and what happens after death. When I first read about it and heard about it, I was amazed, terrified and astonished. How could Muslims know? And i detail? 

When you visit a grave, you sometimes talk with the dead. But does the dead person hear you? The people of the believers know about us and hear us on Fridays. They want us to come to them every Friday. They like our visits.  

The son of Abdel-Barr said: It was confirmed from the Holy Prophet peace be upon him who had said: No Muslim who passes by the grave of his brother, knowing him in the world, and he salutes him, but Allah Ta'ala (The exalted) returns on him his soul, until (the dead) returns the salutation, i.e. the dead person knows him in specific, and he will return the salutation. 

...And in the two Sahihs (Sahih Muslim and Sahih al-Bukhari), from him (peace be upon him) from many phases: "That he had ordered with the slain during Badr to be thrown in Qulaib (well). Then he came until he stood over them and he called them by their names: O' Such, the son of Such, and O'Such, the son of Such, did you find what your Lord had promised you?" Thereupon Umar said to him: O' Messenger of Allah, do you talk to dead people? He, peace be upon him, said then: By whom had sent me with the righ, you do not hear me with what I say more than them. But they ar not able to answer."

And it was cinfirmed from him (The messenger, may the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him) that the dead hears the tapping of the scuffs of the escorts, if they go away from him. 

"Uthman bin Sawda at-Tafawi had narrated, he said: His mother was among the worshippers. She was called a nun. He said: When she was at the brick of death, she raised her head to the sky, and said: O, my Supplier, and on whom I depend i my life, and after my death, do not dismay me at the death time, and do not make me alone in my grave. He said. then she died. I used to come to her every Friday, invoking Allah and asking forgiveness for her and to the people of the graves. I saw her one day in my dream. I said to her: O' mother, how are you? She said: O, son, that for death a vehement anguish, and I am by the prais of allah in an extoled partition, stretching out the musks, and lying in it on the sacrenet and the silk brocades til the Day of Resurrection. I said to her then. Do you want anything? She said: yes. I said: And what this can be? She said: do not abandon what you used to do, of visiting and invoking for us, and I feel happy with your coming on Friday, when you come from amongst your family. It would be said for me: O, nun, this is your son, he has com. I would be happy and all those around me of the dead will be happy."

Does the dead know what we, the living persons, do?

Abdullah ben al-Mubarak said: Thawr ben Yazid had narrated from Abu Aiyub. He said: 
'The deeds of the living are exhibited on the dead, if they see good they are happy and anounce the glad tidings and if they see evil they say: Our Lord, see in it'. 
And the son of Abu ad-Dunia had mentioned from Ahmad ben Abu al-Hawari. he said: 'Muhammad my brother had narrated, he said': 
'Abbad ben Abbad had come upon Ibrahim be Saleh. He was in Palestine. He said': 'Preach me'. 'He said: 'With what I preach you, may Allah lead you to the right way?' 'It reached me that the deeds of the living are exhibited on their dead relatives, then wait for what is exhibited on the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him of your deeds.' 
Then Ibrahim cried until his beard became wet. 

From the book "The soul - Kitab ar-ruh" Compiled by Imam Shamseddin abi Abdullah from Ibn Kaiyim al-Jawziya 1292 - 1356 A.C. (691-751). Rendered to English by F. Amira Zrejn Matraji. Corrected and revised by Mahmoud Matraji. Dar el Fikr, Beirut.  

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