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Take control and don't let yourself get triggered

After what has happened in the world lately and in schools, beaches and in Tunisia last year, people, especially children, but also adults are open for suggestions from the government.

Trauma is a way of controlling the mass, i.e. you and me. That is why we must read surat al-kahf, to remind us every week what is waiting. It is also a reminder that they are illusions. The governement wants to confuse us, make us afraid, so that we choose what the government suggests.

This is lavage cerveau.

David Icke talks about this on his youtube-channel and on his home page.

Those who want to reform the society use media to open up ways to to make through the suggestions the government has put forward. They are the people who create terror, and amplifies it through media, repeating the message about the "bad guys". They are themselves creating terror so that they, when the deed is done, can give us suggestions about how to "fix" it.

If I have made you believe something that is not true, then I have succeeded to take control over your brain and logic. This is what media does.

Media are controlled by big companies that are linked back to the government. They choose what they want that the people see. Nothing is objective.

For those who are hesitating about the truth, they are with this article ready to judge their thoughts. Don't trust other people. Only trust yourself. Question the opinion people have, and ask yourself where they have formed this opinion.

Go to the source and find the truth from them, not a middle-man.

Thank you!


The history of Tunisian Muslims - they lived in the most high-tech city of the world.

Tunisia was t h e New York, a metropolis, for more than 600 years with ingeneering, architecture, sky-scrapers, running water in the houses, killer Aston Martin boats. Everybody wanted to live in this modern and high-tech land!


Look how Media work with "facts"!

Look how media work.

In Tunisia it is stable, even though there is some incidents with the American Embassy and other thing, but in France, media only shows these images every week, which gives the French people the feeling that these sort of things happens every day.

In spite of terrible "facts" about Tunisia that is not at all real, more than 900,000 tourists came this year and an increase of 35% since last year when the Yasmine-revolution began.

This is how Media work with the picture of another country. When New York is under water they cry for help, but when Pakistan was under water, nobody came, because Media didn't focus on the positive side of Pakistan at all under the rest of the year, while New York is associated with positive feelings...

That is also how Media work with the image of Muslims.

In spite the bad associations people have of Muslims, because Media gives a bad image of them, people are converting to Islam and become Muslims every day. Why? Because Media has only focused on a couple of things, and they don't tell the truth, not the whole truth. They only focus on what they want people to feel and think, and in this case that Muslims are bad people, which they are not, even though there are some bad grains...


I live like a Nun - but with a husband in two countries

To be a Muslim is like being a Nun and a Monk and at night, they meet. What do I mean by that. I mean that except for the faith that I abhor is that I live like a Nun. I think about the time for prayer every morning and five times a day. For a Nun the prayer times are important. I also put on clothes that cover me up, top to toe.   I also eat healthy, not excessive and I prefer ecologic food rather that genetically modified food. I do not drink wine and eat porc but I think about where the food comes from. 

If I had a garden I would have tried to grow crops my self. 

When I go to the supermarket, I read the lables on the plastics to know the origin, what the food contains, if it is halal, if it is genetically modified, if it is with toxic content, if it is from Israel and so on. This is somewhat tiresome for many, but it is routine for me. As a Nun I also think and reflect upon the Creator every day. I thank him for everything I have. I also help the people around me, but I have to have time for myself and for my prayer and relation to God. 

The difficult part for Muslims is that they are forbidden to live as a Monk and Nun. 

They have to live mixed up in a society with others. With their families. The consequence of this in Sweden today is that they are exposed to many things that are not good for them, like advertising, naked people, beaches full of naked people. Even for me, as a Woman, it is haram for me to watch naked women. So when you go to the swimmingpool or watch teve and the women are not covered up, I sin. 

It is bad for a nun and a monk to watch naked people. 

So is it for the Muslim people. So why do the best Muslim people always stay at home? It is no longer safe to be at home either. If a Muslim stays at home, there are plenty of stuff that are not good either. Perhaps the radio with music on EVERY channel, or movies with bad content, even when you are trying to avoid them. Perhaps on Internet with the latest Lady Gaga-movie or and advertisement for men and women to CHEAT. How bad has the society gone when the people are encouraged to CHEAT? I wonder. You do not listen to music, but you sing for yourself. My mother and everyone else ALWAYS listen to music, they do not STAND the fact NOT to listen. How sad! 

I enjoy the silence very much. 

I do not watch the same shows either. I watch documentaries as "Who do you think you are" or "Go back home, refugees, Australia". I enjoy reading and writing too. I enjoy being at home, without any stress. But when somebody comes to visit me, I get all stressed out because they do not live the same as I do. They enjoy alcohol. They don't care to bother what they eat or drink. They watch anything they like on television. They talk about other people in a negative way, gossiping about others, and that is HARAM. I never want to be inpolite, leaving the conversation but I always stay, afraid of being ridiculed for leaving the conversation. Sometimes I try, I it is always difficult to explain something they can't understand. Gossiping is HARAM, even if it is true. Weather-talk is fine. Politics is fine. Economics are fine. 

But all those things are TABU in Sweden. 

That is why the French thinks the Swedish people are sooo boring. Haha. It is true. They do not want to go to Sweden, because of the people. 

I adore Sweden, its countryside and the environment. 

I love the mentality of being precise, to respect time and to strive for something better.

They think about the poor people too and tries to help them, but not enough (if you ask me). THEY think they know everything in Sweden that is important to know. They really believe that they are the best creatures on earth. They can't imagine why somebody does not want to be Swedish. I understand them, but Sweden is far away of being perfect. No country is. There are many confused people, superficial, wealthy, egotistical, vulgaire, depressed, kids- and dogs-loving and intellectual Swedes living in Sweden but the fact is, they are NOT the best creatures on earth. It is not the financial status of the people that counts when you judge who are the best peope. 

For Allah has said that the best people on the earth are the useful people: 

A man once asked the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.): 

"What people does Allah love most ?". He said, "They are the most useful ones to people." 

Sometimes somebody asks me if I prefer to live in Sweden or in Tunisia. I say both. Because in Sweden it is cold. Not only in weather, but also in character of the people. They leave you alone. They do not visit you. If you stay in Sweden for a long time with this you will get depressed. 

So that is why I like to mix it up with Tunisia where it is hot half of the year. The people are also hot and friendly and warm. 

They visit each other. If you have cold they call you or visit you and they are so generous with what they have all the time. But if you stay there for ever you will feel that it is too much, so you need Sweden again and so on. 

The positive side with Tunisia is that you hear Adhan and that it is okay to be a Muslim, even though most of the Tunisian people are unconscious about islam and they do not do what a Muslim is supposed to do, as caring for the nature and environment or respect time and deadlines. They say tomorrow but mean next week or after that. they do not say 16.40, they say after asr-time which is around 3-6 hours. That causes stress for some people  sometimes. But I feel that most of the stress I feel in Sweden is too much. 

Even though it is effective to live in Sweden I get very stressed out very quickly and then I come back to Tunisia to rest for a while and socialize. 

Then I go back to Sweden to rest and get back to the cave and the cold, but in Sweden I do not hear adhan or have somebody to remind me of the prayer so I long for going back to Tunisia.

Then we have the work and the studies or staying at home. In Tunisia I really want to do something like working or studying, but you can't. It is not as in Sweden. It is really difficult to study, expensive and takes a lot of time. 

In Sweden you can study AND work at the same time. 
That is not possible in Tunisia. The work is also hard in Tunisia. You have to work for 8-10 hours, six days per week with only about 200 $ or close to it. In Sweden you work for 8 hours a day, five days per week with 2000 $ approximately. That is why so many people want to come to Europe. Because of the financial status they have in Tunisia. 
Everything is expensive as in Sweden, and the money is for food, medicines and some cheap clothes, imported from Sweden. In Tunisia you do not do ANYTHING except eating all the time. That is why so many are so fat in Tunisia. They can't afford any pleasure except the family visiting them and the food, that is really delicious. They also pray many times, but the activity is not enough. 

In Sweden it is the contrary. 

You do not have the family so you try to enjoy everything else, like cinema, dancing, working out, movies, candy, snacks, friends, your children and their activities if you have any and so on. They do not have the time to stay still. They listen to music ALL day long. They can't live without music. They have to have boyfriends and girlfriends. Marriage is not interesting for the boys as they have the girls for free. They play music. They watch music in the movies. They sing with their children. They dance and sing in the kindergarden. Music is everywhere. And for a Muslim music is haram.

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Second day of Ramadan - dry mouth and allergy

This is the second day of Ramadan 2012. Yesterday I slept very badly, because I did the laundry during night-time and had to pick up the clothes at six o'clock. Then I had my son sleeping at my best-friends house, and I did not know if he was going home or not, so I had to wake up at 10 again. I went to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning. Then I had to drive my crippled husband (he had a surgery and can't drive for four weeks) to his work and to the masjid. After that we went shopping. At this time everyone were at the store at the same time. So we had to wait a long time to get the meat we wanted. In Sweden it is not allowed to slaughter in a Muslim way, so we do not have so many places where we can buy either. Normally we buy imported meat from Ireland, Germany and sometimes Denmark. 

After we have finished shopping I had a head-ache because of the sun and the fatigue. When I came home I felt much better. Then I had to start cooking. My husband made a deal, to bring together every soul Muslim, to cook together and then share. So I made two soups. One libanese lentil-soup and one tomato-based Chorba from Tunisia, my husbands country. I also made two sorts of salads. I wanted to do sunnah, and focus on my eyes so I put mushrooms in the salad. I also bought honey, as it is good for the eyes. I made a glass of not so hot water, and mixed two spoons of honey with one spoon cinnamon. It was delicious. I thought it would be disgusting, as I used to take one teaspoon of ginger, but it was heavenly. 

After maghrib, the sunset, I ate the lentilsoup and the salad with the goat-cheese. bit first I broke the fast with dates and the mixture of honey and cinnamon, prayed the maghrib-prayer and then I ate. I was full very quickly. 

I felt good. I had my tunisian soup and the other mushroom-salad for breakfast at two o'clock. I also felt more hungry after mid-night. So late that night I ate the rize and the kebab/köfte that my husbands friend made. I ate just a little of it. I did not drink much water, sadly enought, because when I went to bed I was fine, but then, three hours later, at six o'clock, I could no longer sleep, because my nose was all blocked, caused by my allergy against pollen and grass. I had forget to take my anti-histamin. I dreamt about water, and my mouth was dry. I tried to scratch my teeth against my tongue to produce saliva. I wanted to continue to sleep. Normally I sneeze when I wake up, but today I could not. 

So I took a shower and thought that perhaps it would be better to get up and start the morning (even though I only slept for three hours) so I took a shower. After that my nose is still blocked out and I breath with my mouth, but the body has woken up and starts to produce saliva again, alhamdolillah. 

Tonight I want to drink more water, as it is very important to my health. This time I will not forget the anti-histamin either inchallah. 

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Readers from all over the world! Thank you!

Mashallah. I have readers from all over the world! You are the best! Thank you!

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