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Test: Are you happy?

A test to see if you are happy! Answer yes or no!

1. Are you grateful for every little piece of your life?
2. Do you have a family? or friends that love you and support you even if you don't behave good?
3. Do you love your husband/wife and does he or she love you back?
4. Do you respect the people you are with, or is around you?
5. Do you have people who can take care of your kids for more than two days?
6. Have you been through big trials in life and then overcome them?
7. Have you been good to people and helped them, but at a certain point had the courage to say no to them?
8. Are you a Muslim?
9. Do you dream pleasant dreams at night?
10. Do you pray?
11. Do you know who Allah is?
12. Do you know what happens after death?
13. Do you feel happy when you listen to music/anasheed?

The more yes you have on this test, the more happy you can consider yourself.

By: Esma Khammar


Test: Are you a Muslim?

Test: Are you a Muslim? Answer yes or no!

  1. Do you believe that there is a God and that He has sent a Messenger called Muhammad peace be upon him to us?
  2. Do you pray five times a day the same way a Muslim do?
  3. Do you fast during Ramadan?

Result: If you have answered yes on all of these then you are a Muslim, but perhaps not a Believer. If you have answered yes on only one or two, you can consider yourself a hypocrite or worse a Kafir. I you have answered no on every one, then you are not a Muslim, you are a Kafir. 

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