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Take control and don't let yourself get triggered

After what has happened in the world lately and in schools, beaches and in Tunisia last year, people, especially children, but also adults are open for suggestions from the government.

Trauma is a way of controlling the mass, i.e. you and me. That is why we must read surat al-kahf, to remind us every week what is waiting. It is also a reminder that they are illusions. The governement wants to confuse us, make us afraid, so that we choose what the government suggests.

This is lavage cerveau.

David Icke talks about this on his youtube-channel and on his home page.

Those who want to reform the society use media to open up ways to to make through the suggestions the government has put forward. They are the people who create terror, and amplifies it through media, repeating the message about the "bad guys". They are themselves creating terror so that they, when the deed is done, can give us suggestions about how to "fix" it.

If I have made you believe something that is not true, then I have succeeded to take control over your brain and logic. This is what media does.

Media are controlled by big companies that are linked back to the government. They choose what they want that the people see. Nothing is objective.

For those who are hesitating about the truth, they are with this article ready to judge their thoughts. Don't trust other people. Only trust yourself. Question the opinion people have, and ask yourself where they have formed this opinion.

Go to the source and find the truth from them, not a middle-man.

Thank you!


The rooster is awake!

Every time I here the rooster make his sweet noise I know more or less that he sees something Beautiful - our Angels around us. They descend at night and as it is the night between Thursday and Friday it is a special day too.

Every night I can hear the rooster about two hours Before the sunrise, but today and this night I hear him more often. I Think it is because people read Qur'an now.

If you read surat al-Kahf, at least the first ten verses of it, Allah will give you Nur and it will last from the last Friday until this Friday and if you read it the next Friday He will continue to give it to you until the next Friday and so on.

I can't hear the rooster any longer. Perhaps the angels are gone now. So sad.

No, I can hear him again. It makes me smile.