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Seychelles - the richest country in Africa

1. Seychelles - The Muslim population is reported to be only 1,1 %, about 900 people.
2. Equatorial Guinea - Muslims make from 1% to 25 % of the population depending whether they are practising the religion or not.
3. Gabon - Approximately 12% of the population of Gabon practices Islam, of which 80-90% are foreigners.
4. Botswana - Islam is the third largest religion in Botswana, following Christianity.
5. South Africa - Islam in South Africa has grown. The local Muslim population are known to be peaceful, tolerant and moderate.
6. Libya - Most Libyans are Muslims.
7. Tunisia - Approximately 98% are officially estimated to be Muslims, but in reality it is more than half the population.
8. Namibia - Islam is the third largest religion in Namibia after Christianity.
9. Algeria - Islam is the religion of almost all Algerians.
10. Egypt - Muslims represent 94% of the population. 


People that come to to My blog want to know..

Most people that visit my blog come here because they searched for Muslim fashion, does the dead know about the living and the veil. That is a part of Islam but only a part, like a pin in a needle stack. Do you want to know more, read my blog. 


Second day of Ramadan - dry mouth and allergy

This is the second day of Ramadan 2012. Yesterday I slept very badly, because I did the laundry during night-time and had to pick up the clothes at six o'clock. Then I had my son sleeping at my best-friends house, and I did not know if he was going home or not, so I had to wake up at 10 again. I went to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning. Then I had to drive my crippled husband (he had a surgery and can't drive for four weeks) to his work and to the masjid. After that we went shopping. At this time everyone were at the store at the same time. So we had to wait a long time to get the meat we wanted. In Sweden it is not allowed to slaughter in a Muslim way, so we do not have so many places where we can buy either. Normally we buy imported meat from Ireland, Germany and sometimes Denmark. 

After we have finished shopping I had a head-ache because of the sun and the fatigue. When I came home I felt much better. Then I had to start cooking. My husband made a deal, to bring together every soul Muslim, to cook together and then share. So I made two soups. One libanese lentil-soup and one tomato-based Chorba from Tunisia, my husbands country. I also made two sorts of salads. I wanted to do sunnah, and focus on my eyes so I put mushrooms in the salad. I also bought honey, as it is good for the eyes. I made a glass of not so hot water, and mixed two spoons of honey with one spoon cinnamon. It was delicious. I thought it would be disgusting, as I used to take one teaspoon of ginger, but it was heavenly. 

After maghrib, the sunset, I ate the lentilsoup and the salad with the goat-cheese. bit first I broke the fast with dates and the mixture of honey and cinnamon, prayed the maghrib-prayer and then I ate. I was full very quickly. 

I felt good. I had my tunisian soup and the other mushroom-salad for breakfast at two o'clock. I also felt more hungry after mid-night. So late that night I ate the rize and the kebab/köfte that my husbands friend made. I ate just a little of it. I did not drink much water, sadly enought, because when I went to bed I was fine, but then, three hours later, at six o'clock, I could no longer sleep, because my nose was all blocked, caused by my allergy against pollen and grass. I had forget to take my anti-histamin. I dreamt about water, and my mouth was dry. I tried to scratch my teeth against my tongue to produce saliva. I wanted to continue to sleep. Normally I sneeze when I wake up, but today I could not. 

So I took a shower and thought that perhaps it would be better to get up and start the morning (even though I only slept for three hours) so I took a shower. After that my nose is still blocked out and I breath with my mouth, but the body has woken up and starts to produce saliva again, alhamdolillah. 

Tonight I want to drink more water, as it is very important to my health. This time I will not forget the anti-histamin either inchallah. 

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