Visions and hope

My visions and hopes are to learn the noble Qur'an by heart. I want to study islam from the original language, so therefore I want to learn arabic. I want to pray more at night and recite whole surahs. I hope that I will dream about the sahabas of the Prophet and the prophets thoo. I want to be a cause for somebody to convert to islam. I want to be part of building mosques. I want to build school and hospitals for poor people. I hope to finish writing my books that I want to write. I want to fall in love with my husband over and over again. I want to give money to needy and poor more. I want to fast two times a week. I hope to visit Mecca, Medina and do Hajj. I want to work for the Muslim community so that it gets stronger. I want to be healthier and run 6 miles a day. I hope to improve the world and our environement. I hope to live long and that my family lives long too and I hope tho celebrate a 50-year marriage. I hope to read the whole Qur'an in one day. I hope to write, visit people and learn more and inspire people. I hope to have a big family and continue to spread love around me!

What is your hopes and vision?

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