Who is Rukmini Callimachi?

Rukmini Callimachi was born in Bucharest, Romania. She is a foreign correspondent, covering Al Qaeda and ISIS. She has won the George Polk Award for international reporting. She has worked in the Middle East and West Africa for The Associated Press but began her career in India as a freelancer. Her first story was on the day of a catastrophic earthquake in Gujarat, which was published in the Time magazine.

Why is she important?

She has written several articles for the New York Times about ISIS and Al Qaeda. What is interesting for me is with what eyes she is writing with? We all have perspectives which everything is filtered through. What experiences does she have?

You often say that journalists are objective. But this is not true, at all. Firstly, they have to discern what is good news. What fits the paper. Then they need to choose people and events, which means that they un-choose people and events as well. They must decide. Secondly, we all have a perspective, and to describe anything, we need words, and words are always associated emotionally differently from person to person.

When we describe things and people, we use adjectives. Those chosen adjectives are subjective. You can't be objective. To describe anything, we need to separate, to distinguish, and we do that with words.

If we analyse her latest article in the New York Times we can see what image she wants to give us. She could have used other words to describe the very same person, but she didn't. She wanted to affect us. And negatively.

Let's see.

I quote.

"A 34-year-old man from Houston who is said to have sent a résumé and cover letter seeking a job with the Islamic State has been seized on a battlefield in Syria, an American-backed militia the militants said Sunday."

Firstly, I  must react to her source, which is not her self. She is quoting Sunday. So it is not firsthand news.

Secondly, what is the image she is given us?

She says that a man, not woman, nor child, not human, not animal .Then she says that he is of a certain age. She could have left this piece of information out of the context, but this builds up the image we already has started to have in our heads. So far so good.

We could have this image in our head.

 She didn't mention his occupation nor education. So we must use our minds and imagine. And we still don't know how he is looking.

She continues to say that he is from Houston. So this means that he probably is an American. And what do we associate with Americans from Houston?

I wouldn't know so I google it.

Maybe this guy.
Or this guy.
We still don't know.

But then she wants to focus on his connection with the Islamic State. This makes us think that he looks like this:

She never mention that he is a teacher. And that he is black. We use our imagination to have this picture. For me, I would have thought that the man would look like this:

Because I am from Sweden. And a Muslim. And affected by media.

And lastly she mention Syria.

What we lack is a background. Nobody is ever bad och evil. Everybody thinks that they are good. Everybody. What we don't know is that we must stop this. We must look back to the history, and the experiences that each person has, to know more about their choices in life. Why did he convert to islam? Why shouldn't he convert to islam? What happened when he was a boy? Who were his ancestors? How did they influence his thoughts and emotions? What friends did he have?

We always has to look to why a new born child grows up and become and behave the way they do. It is always because they feel that they will feel better and be a good person.

We need to stop filtering through other peoples words and thoughts and start to think for ourselves. We are all good, but we are not attuned to other peoples needs, wants and boundaries. This is the problem with the world.

It lacks attunement.

Please watch this video to understand better about the danger of filtering.

So, what is Rukmini Callimachis filters? Through which lenses does she watch the world? How does she associate things? This is so important to know, as well as her agenda, and her company's agenda. Who controls the world, is the one that is controlling your mind and how you perceive the world and people.  Remember that. Always.

Salam Aleikum

Esma (aka Pernilla Simonsson Khammar)


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