Sami Yusuf - Forgotten Promises

Have you ever wondered why people want to be and stay Muslims? This is one reason - the big community - the ummah.

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Seychelles - the richest country in Africa

1. Seychelles - The Muslim population is reported to be only 1,1 %, about 900 people.
2. Equatorial Guinea - Muslims make from 1% to 25 % of the population depending whether they are practising the religion or not.
3. Gabon - Approximately 12% of the population of Gabon practices Islam, of which 80-90% are foreigners.
4. Botswana - Islam is the third largest religion in Botswana, following Christianity.
5. South Africa - Islam in South Africa has grown. The local Muslim population are known to be peaceful, tolerant and moderate.
6. Libya - Most Libyans are Muslims.
7. Tunisia - Approximately 98% are officially estimated to be Muslims, but in reality it is more than half the population.
8. Namibia - Islam is the third largest religion in Namibia after Christianity.
9. Algeria - Islam is the religion of almost all Algerians.
10. Egypt - Muslims represent 94% of the population. 

4 celebrity couples you forgot ever existed

Life in Medina was pretty romantic. In light of the prophet Muhammad and Khadija's love story, we'd like to remind you of few other couples you forgot happened.

Hey, did you know that Khadija were married to a 15 year younger, honest, kind and beautiful man, and that by that time she (nor he) knew he pbuh was going to be a prophet?

Fatima and Ali got married and had two boys. Fatma was very inspiring, because she stood up for the right to speak, she was a Politician and she worked for the human rights. Ali was also very successful.

Prince Rahim Agakhan's wedding on the 31th of Augusti 2013 with American Super-Model Kendra Spears, now Princess Salwa Agakhan, in Switzerland.

And at last but not least we have...

Janet Jackson, who secretly got married to billionaire Wissam al Mana, also converted to Islam and officially retired from Music.