Argue with Allah? - Is that permissible?

When I say argue with Allah I mean, what will you say the day of Judgment when you talk to Him and answers His question, why did you do it? If your answer is trufully, that you did it because you feard him and this day, then your answer will inchallah be correct, whatever you did. People that do things they shouldn't do often forgets to repent for them to the people they hurt. So how could they be forgiven? It is much easier to forgive somebody that says I'm sorry than to a person that did something and didn't regret it. Who would you forgive if it was the worse thing you could imagine? r would you? So, in order for Al should start to repent things that you have done, sincerely, so that he can forgive you. It is so easy. The second thing is that there was a  man that was so afraid of God that he asked his Children to burn him and spread the Ashes in the ocean. Allah created him again on the Judgement Day (will be created) and he will be asked about it and then forgiven) because his faith in God was so strong and pure subhanallah.

why is islam so obsessed with the sunna of prophet muhammed? he rode a camel so should we give up using cars and ride camels instead how much is too much?


Haha, yes they are!

No, they aren't!

Islam is about being the best person you can be. How you behave and what you should choose in Life, if you Believe in God and Life after Death. The Qur'an helps us to understand what's important and it tells us what we should do, not in the strict sense you laid out, but rather like this: "Everything on Earth is halal, if it is not haram" You are therefore allowed to drive a car and buy int etc. At the same time you can considerate this. Cars pollute the Environment and Islam tells us not to hurt anyone or anything - not trees, not animals, not make any harm to Children, men , women old, Young foreigners etc. So when we drive it i is alllowed, but is it the better choice. Use Qur'an as a guuide and decide for yourself what you Believe is the right way to go. Argue with Allah and try to find evidence and support in the Qur'an or sunnah for your choices and justifications. That has happened Before and that is how we should approach Life and Qur'an. And Allah knows better.

Rape and harrassment of women in Egypt - is that islam? No, Islam is love, peace and respect for each other!

I would like to approach this horrible thing that is going on in Egypt today. Firstly it is not okay, and secondly it is not okay. Islam forbids Muslim MEN to look at women so how would it justify this?
Thirdly, when there was a time when there were war and there were slaves, authentic Muslims freed the slaves.

Muslims that didn't free the slaves, but rather kept them, did something hated in Islam. Islam doesn't courage slavery, islam wants to abolish slavery. So, why do I talk about it? There was a "hadith" where a person talks about raping women that were capive and the prophet himself allowed it. you could look at it two ways. The first way is the most common way, that of most non-Muslims and many uneducated Muslims.

 The first way is that this gives the right to have slaves and rape them, thus makes it licite to harrass women in Egypt. The second way is the more un-known way, that of authentic Muslims. This way is that the prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, didn't force people right away to abandon Everything they used to do. Killing small new-born Girls, drinking alcohol, circumcise Girls, have slaves, have more than one wife, etc.

He allowed [read tolerated] the worst things that was very common and un-critizised in society. Step-by-step he then took Everything of this away and left a guide for how you should approach a non-Muslim and how to be tolerate with his or her mis-guidance. Most people don't follow the best way in Life, but we have, as Muslims, character, patience and strenght enough to tolerate it, Before we fix it - which can be changed only with tolerance, love and pshychology.

It is difficult to hear all the faults you do and change all the misbehavior in one day. It has to be made step-by-step. Qur'an is a step-by-step instruction on how to behave towards people and what is the truth about Life and God. It is a guidance and reminder to Muslims.

I haven't experience this problem in Tunisia, where i live right now, but I see misbehavior not only in men but also in women, not only in how they dress but mostly on how they behave. They are not "Clean" and good. They drink alcohol, go out dancing, dress up in sexy clothes, both men and women, they go to coffeehouses to fume chicha and drink coffee. They Think about Money, marriage and having fun.

Almost nobody Thinks about love, respect, and ISLAM. Nobody. Only those with veil and face-veil.

The rest, they talk about Shariah, but many don't even know the background, then pillars of islam, and they don't use Qur'an as a guide to better behavior. They are far away from Islam. Most of the people here don't pray, evey though the family I am married to does (not all of them though). Prayer is a reminder for the people about Death and what comes after Death and that they should behave in the best manners they can. But they don't. And that is frustrating. They get angry at me for follow islam. They don't like islam - BUT they don't KNOW Islam. Children and teenagers are worse than those in Europé or USA.

I don't feel like a part of this soceity I live in. I don't feel connected with the people around me. NObody seems to know anythig about ISlam. They listen to muslic and watches soap-operas but they should instead read the Qur'an or other useful scientific stuff. They don't read, they don't write. They are worse than pigs and dogs. And these are suppposed to be my sisters and Brothers.

I feel ashamed of them. BUT, I have family and friends that ARE Muslims and understand ISLam toto and want to follow ISLA,. Some people understand but don't want to change andd to be a muslim is ALL about change - change of character and become a better person. Islam hates rape. Islam hates people that behave that way, but Islam tells people to be tolerant and to communicate