What do snails, universe and water have in common?

Spirals are so interesting. They are everywhere. It is really amazing to study spirals, especially when you can find it in snails, universe and water.

Spirals, Spirals, Spirals - so many have been inspired of the natural spiral.

Ammonites, antlers of wild sheep, Archimedes' water spiral, area of high or low pressure, arrangement of the sunflower cores, @, bimetal thermometer, bishop staff, Brittany sign, circles of a sea-eagle, climbs, clockwise rotating lactic acid, clouds of smoke, coil, coil spring, corkscrew, creepers (plants), curl, depression in meteorology, disc of Festós, double filament of the bulb, double helix of the DNA, double spiral, electron rays in the magnetic longitudinal field, electrons in cyclotron, Exner spiral, finger mark, fir cone, glider ascending, groove of a record, head of the music instrument violin, heating wire inside a hotplate, heat spiral, herb spiral, inflation spiral, intestine of a tadpole, knowledge spiral, licorice snail, life spiral, Lorenz attractor, minaret at Samarra (Iraq), music instrument horn, pendulum body of the Galilei pendulum, relief strip of the Trajan's column at Rome or the Bernward column at Hildesheim, poppy snail, road of a cone mountain, role (wire, thread, cable, hose, tape measure, paper, bandage), screw threads, simple pendulum with friction, snake in resting position, snake of Aesculapius, snail of the interior ear, scrolls, screw alga, snail-shell, spider net, spiral exercise book, spiral nebula, spiral staircase (e.g. the two spiral stairs in the glass dome of the Reichstag in Berlin), Spirallala ;-), Spirelli noodles, Spirills (e.g. Cholera bacillus), springs of a mattress, suction trunk (lower jaw) of the cabbage white butterfly, tail of the sea-horse, taps of conifers, tongue and tail of the chamaeleon, traces on CD or DVD, treble clef, tusks of giants, viruses, volute, watch spring and balance spring of mechanical clocks, whirlpool, whirlwind.