New-old traditions or islam? What do you want in your life?

Just because some people do what Islam tells us to do i e protect nature, animals and human beings, it doesn't mean that you know everything. These moral values have arisen the latest centuries. In some countries like Sweden, woman and man are considered equal and that is the status they should have, because Islam gave it to them 1400 years ago, i.e. that they are partners in marriage and equal.

Islam advocates this, but few Muslims, men and women, practice it because they are ignorant. Most Muslims that acctually practice islam are converts (and some Muslims that understand islam and follow it), but they often don't have the confidence to resist new-old traditions. It is a fight for converts and those who want to follow Islam to acctually do it, a really hard struggle, especially if they live with a partner (woman or man) that refuses to give up new-old traditions. 

You can interpret the Qur'ân in many ways

You can interpret the Qur'an in many ways.

Yes, you can. It is just exactly the same as reading a book. Some parts of it you will understand, other parts are more difficult. Everything you understand is based on your pre-understanding. The more knowledge you have about history, psychology, the brain, sense, languages (arabic and translation), kognitiv science etc, the better you will understand the book. 

However, it is not only intellect that will help you understand the Qur'an, but also your motivation, and if you want to understand more than one perspective, i.e. that of your own. 

Those who are not Muslims aren't because Allah haven't guided them. Why? Only God knows. But most of the time people reject Qur'an as the truth. They are not happy with the truth (and also confused about the message billions of people are spreading about Muslims and Islam all over the world, through un-islamic behavior and distorted information from Media). 

So the answer to the question hos do I interpret the Qur'an is that you shall never give up on it, even though you don't understand it right now, because with experience, new science and advanced studies, you will, inchallah come to clarify every thing that you doubt about in Qur'an. Just have patience and pray to Allah that he will give you light and guidance. He hears every prayer and responds to it, even though you don't feel it right away. 

For example if you ask Allah to have love, perhaps you will lose somebody so that you will know what IS love. Or if you want to understand something better, maybe he will give you an experience so that you will understand the thing your want deeply. 

Never give up on Allah, He is listening right now and he watches everything you do and He wants you to have light, but you have to pray to have light. At least reflect or meditate. Light will come when you reflect on the Creation, inchallah. 

Peace be with you! 
Salam aleikum

Allah is the One who guides your family and friends, but you must set an example!

Muslims will not help people to find Guidance i.e. islam, through debates and arguments but rather through their good examples (i.e. their character and actions)

Do you take a verse to try to explain it without context?

When you take a part of the Qur'an, for example a verse or part of a verse, without consider the whole context and background to gain understanding to why the verse was revealed, then you don't practice islam. If you don't say the whole truth, only a part of the truth, you may be considered a lier and it is only the whole truth that is accepted. 

You are a witness of the Creatures of God - so say the testimony today!

To testify - what does that mean?

It means that you have seen, heard or experienced something. A testimonial in court must tell what she or she has heard, seen and experienced.

If you have read, heard and thought about God and Qur'an you are a witness.

It is easy to be a witness i.e. to become a Muslim. You only have to say: I have just heard, seen and thought about God (when reading about God in the Bible, Torah or Qur'an) and I witness about it. I also witness that there is a God, and nothing can be compared to God, he is Unique, One. And I believe in Him. I bear witness that I have seen Gods words, i.e. the Qur'an.

I also testify that Jesus, Moses and Muhammad peace be upon them all, knew about God, heard his message and that they are prophets and Messengers.

Ash-hado an la illaha illa Allah. Wa ash-hado anna muhammadan rasol Allah.

Why do you do it?

You should never do it because it will appreciated, you must do it because Allah told you so and that is why you keep doing it with love!

Universe is a spiral and so says the Qur'ân

When you start to reflect upon Big Bang and the ressemblancw with Qur'ân it is easily done that you take a new theory, that of the explosion of Big Bang and the expansion of the Universe as a whole truth. the fact is that you must never take science as primary source. why? Because science and theories always change. the theory of Big Bang and the explosion was made during 20th century. 

Recently scientist have made a statement that Universe couldn't have exploded at all and perhaps it isn't expanding, but they say that Universe may be in the form of a spiral.

When you search the Quran for evidence you may find one verse talking about this spiral form.

اللَّهُ نُورُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ مَثَلُ نُورِهِ كَمِشْكَاةٍ فِيهَا مِصْبَاحٌ الْمِصْبَاحُ فِي زُجَاجَةٍ الزُّجَاجَةُ كَأَنَّهَا كَوْكَبٌ دُرِّيٌّ يُوقَدُ مِن شَجَرَةٍ مُّبَارَكَةٍ زَيْتُونِةٍ لَّا شَرْقِيَّةٍ وَلَا غَرْبِيَّةٍ يَكَادُ زَيْتُهَا يُضِيءُ وَلَوْ لَمْ تَمْسَسْهُ نَارٌ نُّورٌ عَلَى نُورٍ يَهْدِي اللَّهُ لِنُورِهِ مَن يَشَاء وَيَضْرِبُ اللَّهُ الْأَمْثَالَ لِلنَّاسِ وَاللَّهُ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عَلِيمٌ

24.35. God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His Light is like a niche wherein is a lamp; the lamp is in a crystal, and the crystal, shining as if a pearl-like radiant star, lit from the oil of a blessed olive tree that is neither of the east nor of the west. The oil would almost give light of itself though no fire touches it. Light upon light! God guides to His Light whom He wills. God strikes parables for people. God has full knowledge of all things.

What is a niche? 

A niche is a half circle that is behind for example a statue. The Arabic word for niche are two, half circle, right angle. If you study this further you may find that a right angle is always in a half circle and it forms a triangle. Look at BBCs picture of a semicircle with an right angle forming a triangle. 

If you then take the halfcircle and imagine it on a piece of paper. Then you cut out a semi circle at one of the sides. Then you may, if the paper or material is soft and flexible, start to wind it like a spiral having the form of DNA. 

If you afterwards look at pictures of Universe you see that it has a form of a spiral, so then what can we conclude? 

That Allah is the Most Powerful and the most knowledgable. subhanallah.

Allaho Akbar!

If you want to know more about spirals, please visit Spirals mathematics

When will hamburgers and marriages be forbidden?

They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth.

This extract is taken from the Bible, 1 Timothy, chapter 4, verse 3

When people today talk about Islam they are taught by Media. They begin to question things that are part of the good things in life. Interesting to consider is that there are a possibility that even things that are seen upon today as normal will be seen as something "weird" or against "science" or moral or emotional opinions. The fact that most swedes today say that everything is okay, as long as it don't hurt anyone. So for example, killing of course is today not accepted, but it may be that in the future it will. As the Bible says, perhaps a normal thing such as marriage will be prohibited and also eating certain things. Already today we see the tendencies of not eating certain things, due to a belief that it is harmful for you. It is often called a diet. Today people ask about hijab, because the western society abolished it a few years ago. But in the future it is possible that you won't eat hamburger any longer. 

The most common questions are today a few. Two hundreds or thousands years ago they didn't question these ideas as they do today. 

Questions that arise are often?

Most Common Questions asked by Non-Muslims

Q1. Why is a man allowed to have more than one wife in Islam? i.e. why is polygamy allowed in Islam?

Q2. If a man is allowed to have more than one wife, then why does Islam prohibit a woman from having more than one husband?

Q3. Why does Islam degrade women by keeping them behind the veil?

Great talks by TED

One of my favourite none-Muslim web pages is TED.com. Why? Because you feel inspired afterwards. If you go to my sidebar where it says websites worth visiting twice you will find a button labeled inspiring talk. If you push that button you will go to an external website, but who cares, it is really good.

There are for example three lectures or inspirational talks about Islam on TED and a lot more. Please enjoy.