The rooster is awake!

Every time I here the rooster make his sweet noise I know more or less that he sees something Beautiful - our Angels around us. They descend at night and as it is the night between Thursday and Friday it is a special day too.

Every night I can hear the rooster about two hours Before the sunrise, but today and this night I hear him more often. I Think it is because people read Qur'an now.

If you read surat al-Kahf, at least the first ten verses of it, Allah will give you Nur and it will last from the last Friday until this Friday and if you read it the next Friday He will continue to give it to you until the next Friday and so on.

I can't hear the rooster any longer. Perhaps the angels are gone now. So sad.

No, I can hear him again. It makes me smile.


A-dam, was he a descendant from Cro-magnon?

There is a big question mark for me when it comes to our history. Where do we come from? Are we from the Neanderthales or Cro Magnon? There is a lack of evidence and there is several theories about our history, but no one has any evidence. I am stuck and can't get any more information about our beloved A-dam scientifically, The first human being, about 30 m tall, who talked and knew God. When did he live? Where did he live? To be helped with my scientific research I have to consult the truthful Qur'an. What does Qur'an say about him and the sunnah?

[..]The people are all the Children of Adam, and Adam was created from dust.”
Most Muslim say Allahoalem, but if we really Think about it, Allah never mention that he created Adam directly from dust and thus became a human being. It could be a long process from the first bacteries until the apes and human beings. We don't know but we should certainly Believe that Allah is truthful against us and that the information He gives us is valuable. We should take a deeper look unto what the hadiths are telling us instead of imagine a lot of things in our head and then go out in the World and observe and analyze our findings and see if we can find anything that is related to the Truth that Allah gave us, through our Prophets and the most beloved of them, Muhammad Peace be upon him.

And when we look at the fossils we have found of Cromagnon we can directly consider that these are not tall, as Adam was, according to what Allah has said to us through his Messengers.

People have been decreasing in stature since Adam's creation. (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Number 543)
Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "Allah created Adam, making him 60 cubits tall. When He created him, He said to him, "Go and greet that group of angels, and listen to their reply, for it will be your greeting (salutation) and the greeting (salutations of your offspring." So, Adam said (to the angels), As-Salamu Alaikum (i.e. Peace be upon you). The angels said, "As-salamu Alaika wa Rahmatu-l-lahi" (i.e. Peace and Allah's Mercy be upon you). Thus the angels added to Adam's salutation the expression, 'Wa Rahmatu-l-lahi,' Any person who will enter Paradise will resemble Adam (in appearance and figure). People have been decreasing in stature since Adam's creation.[1]

We do not know if he was a descendant of Cro-Magnon and I don't Think so either, until now, because Adam was tall and Cro-Magnon was not. But science has still hard work to do and until they found what Muslims already know for certain we can work with them and pray a lot, because that is what Allah has told us to do.