Words are like pornography for women.

Subhanallah. What men don't know is that we, women, have a good imagination. That is why we read books about love all the time. Romance-books. We are not like men. We don't get excited by the looks of a man, like a man is excited by the appearance of a woman. We get excited by the WORDS that men speak or by BOOKS. So when we read about the HOOR al-AYN in Jennah, this is for us a very concrete thing and we REALLY get disturbed, in the same way a man will get disturbed by a naked woman in front of his eyes.

The WORDS affects us precisely as the IMAGES and PHOTOS affects men. THAT is WHY we can react with contempt when we hear about the women in Paradise. This is normal.

When we, the women, READ about details of women in islam, like the looks of women in paradise, it is as we see them in front of us and MORE. So be careful, all men, when you say things like this to women. WORDS are like PORNOGRAPHY for women.