why is islam so obsessed with the sunna of prophet muhammed? he rode a camel so should we give up using cars and ride camels instead how much is too much?


Haha, yes they are!

No, they aren't!

Islam is about being the best person you can be. How you behave and what you should choose in Life, if you Believe in God and Life after Death. The Qur'an helps us to understand what's important and it tells us what we should do, not in the strict sense you laid out, but rather like this: "Everything on Earth is halal, if it is not haram" You are therefore allowed to drive a car and buy int etc. At the same time you can considerate this. Cars pollute the Environment and Islam tells us not to hurt anyone or anything - not trees, not animals, not make any harm to Children, men , women old, Young foreigners etc. So when we drive it i is alllowed, but is it the better choice. Use Qur'an as a guuide and decide for yourself what you Believe is the right way to go. Argue with Allah and try to find evidence and support in the Qur'an or sunnah for your choices and justifications. That has happened Before and that is how we should approach Life and Qur'an. And Allah knows better.
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