You are a witness of the Creatures of God - so say the testimony today!

To testify - what does that mean?

It means that you have seen, heard or experienced something. A testimonial in court must tell what she or she has heard, seen and experienced.

If you have read, heard and thought about God and Qur'an you are a witness.

It is easy to be a witness i.e. to become a Muslim. You only have to say: I have just heard, seen and thought about God (when reading about God in the Bible, Torah or Qur'an) and I witness about it. I also witness that there is a God, and nothing can be compared to God, he is Unique, One. And I believe in Him. I bear witness that I have seen Gods words, i.e. the Qur'an.

I also testify that Jesus, Moses and Muhammad peace be upon them all, knew about God, heard his message and that they are prophets and Messengers.

Ash-hado an la illaha illa Allah. Wa ash-hado anna muhammadan rasol Allah.
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