New-old traditions or islam? What do you want in your life?

Just because some people do what Islam tells us to do i e protect nature, animals and human beings, it doesn't mean that you know everything. These moral values have arisen the latest centuries. In some countries like Sweden, woman and man are considered equal and that is the status they should have, because Islam gave it to them 1400 years ago, i.e. that they are partners in marriage and equal.

Islam advocates this, but few Muslims, men and women, practice it because they are ignorant. Most Muslims that acctually practice islam are converts (and some Muslims that understand islam and follow it), but they often don't have the confidence to resist new-old traditions. It is a fight for converts and those who want to follow Islam to acctually do it, a really hard struggle, especially if they live with a partner (woman or man) that refuses to give up new-old traditions. 

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