The contest for customers? Allah's "product" is the Garden.

Business is all about customer value, or to be more correct, the ability of your organisation to create unrivalled level of value for its customers. This ability will determine profitability, growth and will also, at the end of the day, decide how long your organisation will survive.
The basis for attributing such interest to the value concept is the fact that all customers continually strive to attain maximum purchasing value.

Price is weighed against performance, and the products perceived as providing the best value for money are favoured.

The winner of the comparison is consequently rewarded with the customer's confidence and is given the business. In a highly competitive market customers will therefore, over a period of time, seek out those companies offering most value. These companies grow at the expense of their competitors.
The market is tough and ruthless and those companies unable to deliver a high enough level of customer value will be knocked out of the contest.

Customer aspiration to maximise purchasing value provides the driving force in a working market economy.

Allah has also set up a product, named the Garden, and the price he sets is high, because there is no other that offers the same value.

People try though, here at earth, to compete against this "product", and they have many customers because the price they are asking is not the price Allah has set. It is lower and not the same. And some people just don't want to pay the high price Allah wants, the price is a pure heart.

Allah has said though, that every person is able to pay the price of entering the Garden. It doesn't matter if you have money or health or anything like that. You already have the tool ie the heart, to do the work, even though you don't have the knowledge how to use it yet.

The paradise costs only a pure heart and every one can make it, with their efforts.

You have to make your heart believe and then start to purify it.
That is the price you have to pay. But what a value you get at the end, paradise.

You don't need money to enter paradise, only belief in a pure heart.
The same heart a baby has.

Babies are the richest persons on earth just now and their heart, ie the value of their heart is high. They afford the Garden effortlessly. They don't have to do anything, not a single thing. But when they get older and are being exposed to men, women, environmental condition, culture, traditions, beliefs, the heart starts to diminish its value, and thus is no longer pure as it was before. And becoming a man you have to make efforts to rise the value of your heart again, to turn it baby like.

Allah has set a big price, huge price for what he has to offer, and he only accepts pure hearts as payment. So the big question is how do you maintain and change the heart so it attains the only, by allah, accepted value?

Although, not everybody is prepared to pay the price of a heart and the work that they have to do to purify it. Not everybody wants the Garden. Who doesn't want it? People like Pharao. he was very content with what he had, and many people today accept what they have and don't want more than that. Everybody can have the garden with their conditions and means, but not everybody is interested.

The Garden however is highly attractive for many people, they just don't know how to achieve it. They try cheat, by asking for help by "gods", but most of them just don't have the knowledge of how to increase the heart's value, how to purify it. They are very confused. They try to listen to how people have done before, but they can't be sure, because you don't only have to pay your heart as price but also the death of your body before you can enter it.