Visualizing list of 45 objects - (July 17, 2010)

Two and a half years ago I did a visualization list. I forgot about it, but inside me there has been a lot of changes and also around me. When I looked at the list I was stunned. The first part of it was already realized and manifested in real life. Now i just can't wait for the rest to happen. Want to share the glad joy with me? Read the list and you will know what I mean.
  1. The finger - shahada.
  2. Five prayers - every day.
  3. Fasting more than Ramadan.
  4. Hajj or Pilgrimage. 
  5. Saddaqa - money I give to poor, orphants, hospitals, poor and also those that seem rich, but are in fact poor. 
  6. Reading the Qur'an fluent.
  7. To maintain my homes in Sweden and Tunisia
  8. I cook wonderful food - tunisian, arabian, swedish, italian, spanish food
  9. I have a big  and nice closet of clothes and so does my family
  10. Everybody has got servant and help at home
  11. From morning to evening there is a golden flow of energy sparking around us - activated and shining.
  12. Holidays in Sweden and abroad
  13. Cool dreams about Paradise
  14. The kids are beautiful, smart, healthy and intelligent
  15. I am healthy, vital, smart and intelligent
  16. My husband and i behave perfect both for our self and also at home and outdoors. Love is all around.
  17. Everybody wants to help us and love to give os what we want and what we need.
  18. I have a good, paid work and my Spouse has good working hours and an excellent salary. 
  19. We have saved to live where we want to live, in Sweden and in Tunisia
  20. We travel a lot, by ourselves and with the kids'
  21. Our love is fiery and passionate. 
  22. We develop our hobby - photography, have exhibition and write books.
  23. We have got a Volvo C60 (even though I prefer a jaguar in december 2012) and the children is gonna have one each at their 16th birthday. 
  24. My children have many Muslim friends. They visit the mosque frequently, act exemplary and amuse themselves. They remember to be grateful and they give a lot back. 
  25. Be thankful of my family's beauty and the love of the whole big family around us. 
  26. I have got time to do what I want to do, and that which is good and everybody that wants to join can do so. 
  27. I do a lot of things, and I do it well and the people around me too.
  28. I am engaged in life
  29. I ignore the result for a while, and then I admire it. 
  30. We own a little cottage in the mountain near the ocean. 
  31. I ask the question: Why am I successful, happy, fit and healthy?
  32. I ask the question. Why am I safe and have plenty of time?
  33. Why do I have positive energy, fiery and also thankful?
  34. Why am I happy and how can I create more of happiness for myself and other?
  35. Why does this lovely things happen to me?
  36. In which way are these wonderful moments precious?
  37. Why do I pray a lot? I read the Qur'an and visit Mecka?
  38. How can I show gratitude and also appreciate my self and my family and God even more?
  39. How can I love myself, my family and God even more?
  40. How can I affect life in a positive way for those I love and those that love God?
  41. What should I do to beam even more?
  42. What can I do to get to Paradise and to be excused from Hell?
  43. How can I serve God? How can I contribute? What do I have that I can give? If I know that, I will be part of the flow of positive energy that is around everybody.
  44. How can I give from my heart and receive? The more you have the more you can receive. 
  45. I see it, when I believe it.  
We are right now (December 19, 2012) on number 1-21 (with exception of number 4 and 6). What are your visualization list?

17 things you didn't know about a Muslim

  1. We do not celebrate New Year's Eve, Easter, Halloween, birthdays. We only have two festivals that ends up to three days each. 
  2. We use the veil to show to others that we are Muslims. 
  3. We don't eat porc, dog or ordinary meat, except that which are halal. We don't eat anything that is not halal. The halal way is the same as the kocher way, which the jews do. 
  4. We don't pray to the black stone in Mecka. We pray to God. We are all united and this is shown in the way we stand together towards one qibla, or direction. We don't pray to the moon, nor a moongod. The Prophet Muhammad didn't give us the moon as a symbol, but it became later on as a reminder that we follow the mooncalender instead of the suncalender. 
  5. As I have children, I want them to live a good life. That is why I want them to be Muslims, happy and caring children. My daughter loves princesses and she adores the veil. She has a pink one. 
  6. My mother and father and sisters and brother enjoy talking about islam. They accept everything and tries to understand islam. They accept for example the prayer, my spouse and the veil. 
  7. Islam is not only a realistic religion, but also an ideologic religion, even though the realistic part of it is bigger than the ideologic one. 
  8. I choose my veil - before I got married. 
  9. You cannot live as common-law spouse, nor have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Only the marriage is acceptable as arrangement between a couple. 
  10. Polygami is a solution to a man's health and a woman's happiness and also a solution to the society if one takes a moment to reflect upon it. . 
  11. It is forbidden to kill innocent civil people, women and children. It is also forbidden to hurt animals and destroy the nature around us. 
  12. If you cannot live in the marriage, you are allowed to divorce. But is shouldn't be taken easily, everybody should work on her or his character and attitude first, then counselling and then divorce. 
  13. Of course you can take off the veil everywhere, except where it is people i.e. boys in the puberty and over that age (except for your own family) that can see you. So you can take it off at home, when you sleep, in the shower, with your girl-friends, with your family. The veil is a reminder that you are not like everybody else. Y O U are a M U S L I M and you should be very proud of that. 
  14. The fasting is a blessing. When you fast you shuts the inflow of sugar that nurture the cancercells, and thus kill the cancer. Most of us have cancer within us, even babies are born with cancer today. 
  15. We don't believe in Fatimas hand or that it will protect us. If we do that, we are not Muslims. We believe that it is God that protects us and that we have guardian angels. 
  16. We do believe in Magic and that it is forbidden to use it. 
  17. We also believe in invisible creatures, that life continues after death and that God, Allah, exists.