How a man and a woman can have what they both want and more.

When most of us think of obedience we think that we are like children or slaves. You have to respect the eldery or the men or the men in charge. But what if respect is another thing? What if respect is admiration and it discharged into love and the fact that you like to listen to his words, because you find him really attractive, or he has a really good character or he has status, like a rockstar, or he is rich. Whatever quality he has, if must be something that you admire. Because if you admire it, you will listen to him. And if you listen to him, you will think that he has many good ideas. This makes you filled with love and joy and you start to change yourself, you will be more attentive to his thoughts and words and you will love what he has to say. You will start to obey him, with love. That is why a woman must admire her husband, somehow. It doesn't matter what, only that he has got something she really likes in him, that she respects.

The man must, to deserve a womans respect, have a job, just something so that she will feel that if she quits her job, she can feel safe. He has to keep in touch with her every day and also not cheating on her. If he can do these things, and he has one of the qualities mentioned above, then the marriage could be a successful one.

But a woman that is a muslim also loves Allah. And if she loves him, she also wants to do what he wants her to do. And a man, if he loves Allah, he will also want to do whatever Allah has charged him with.

If a human being respects Allah, he will adore him and then it will be easy to follow his words, because with love, anything can change.

I will also give you an external link to one of the best websites I have met, so far. Please read it. You will be astonished and inchallah happy as it will develop the understanding of islam in a new and marvellous way. You won't regret it.