Why doesn't anybody come to help you and is it bad to be lonely?

I don't know why nobody came to visit you. They should have done that. 

Many people today are not aware of the things they do to other people. One thing that I think of is that you must change things in your life. You should start with yourself. 

The first thing to do is to start taking Lithium Orotate. Lithium is a mineral that is in food, especially milk, eggs and tomatoes. If you don't eat these things everyday, it is a good chance that you are depressed and lonely. That you are lonely is not a probleme really, because you are a guy, (women must have friends - without them they will be unhappy) but you should have a job to go to, a plan for your life. Without a plan you will be lost in life. 

I know that you cannot feel this right now, as there is a lack of vitamins and enzymes in your brain. Every girl and guy who feels this are lacking good nutritial food. 

Then you should start moving yourself. It doesn't need to be much - only sitting where you are right now and shaking your hands or arms. This will make your hands tingle. This is hormones that are spreading through your body - happinesshormones. The more you move, the more happinesshormones your will get. 

You also should marry soon. Marriage is essential, but not before you have a job and a home. 

Try to give somebody your attention - your mother for example. Listen to what she says - without commenting on it. This will lower her stress. You don't have to do anything and musn't answer, only listen. She will start giving you the attention you need. Your father will respect you when you have a job and when you are married. MAke them proud. I respect your ability to write - use it to help others. Kindly regards.

Respect is one key to true love

Many people want me to find somebody for them. This cannot be done by me. Never. Why?

If you want to marry somebody, and find love, Internet is not the place to look for women or search love.

Firstly, you cannot get somebody's attention or respect this way. There are so many things you must do and have before you can interact with someone.

Secondly, this way, internet, is not the place to find women that will respect you. You have to have a woman's respect and that she admires you before she will do anything for you, like respond to your question. This way, with internet as a mean, she doesn't respect you - she cannot, because she doesn't know you - how could she?

Respect is one a the keys to good relationships and true love.

Do you feel tired, depressed and want to vanish or even kill yourself? Try this.

I have felt tired, depressed and wanted to vanish from stress. This is some advice for men and women, but you have to know that women react to stress differently. Women has to talk to releave stress. Men don't.

I know that many people today are feeling the same thing - they are tired, exhausted, and feel stressed out.

One thing that can help you very soon is to take lithium orotate. Lithium is a mineral that is important for happiness. Most things today that you do and eat stress your body and in the brain of many people there is inflammation. You find lithium in foods, especially in mineral water and you can also find it in milk, egg and potatoes and many more. Se link below.

You also have to move a little, the more you move your arms and body, the easier it is for glucose, vitamines and minerals to go into your brain. You must, as a man, also diminish your stress, i.e. watch television for a while or something else that you like to do. Women need to talk a lot to diminish the stress and the inflammation in the brain and the body. If she doesn't talk, she will be very sick. She also have to help other people, with advice, money, cleaning, listening or other things that she can help others with etc. That will help her get happiness as her oxytocin-hormones go up.

If a man don't have a job, you have to have one. This will give you the respect you need to feel happy. After that it is good for you to be married, because it will help you in other ways hopefully, if you know what I mean. A woman must get the attention for others if she wants to be happy. If she doesn't get any, she will be unhappy. She can dress up, go on dates with her husband anything that makes her the centre of attention. This will rise her hormones.

Another things to do is to take black seed, or black cummin (nigella sativa) because it will not only help you be happier, but also help your memory and protect from other things. I hope that this will help you and that you will try it as soon as possible. Nigella sativa is good for anyone, men, women and children.

I will give you a link to a page I like and an author I respect.

Lithium Rich Foods
John Gray, PhD - Lithium orotate