Focus on the Muslim man again, as he has become ignorant

As woman, man enjoys an equal share as to rights, responsibilities and duties, all of which are best suiting his nature. Since science confirmed that man is created with so many differences in his biological nature, physical capabilities and mental faculties, it would be unfair to assign him the same responsibilities, duties and rights as woman.

In other words, there is a difference between sameness and equality. As woman and man are not the same in terms of biological nature, physical capabilities and mental faculties, so they are not the same and it would be unjustice to deal with both the same. But to put into consideration this difference of nature is regarded as the ore of justice and equality, the methodology adopted by Islam, the religion of the Creator of both woman and man.

The source book of Ibn Taymayah comprises so many subjects that mostly concern man rather than woman. So the focus was centered on Fatwas which are confined to man along with others that might appear to be interesting to man.

The jurists are all agreed that it is forbidden to touch the Qur'an while one is in a state of impurity.

A man should not see the private part of another man and a woman should not see the private part of another woman.

Most men today are ignorant about their responsibilities. They are focusing on the women and they forget about their duties. For example, the husband should talk to his in-laws politely and decently. That is the wife's right of him.

We must return the focusing part on the men again, because they are ignorant, and they are lacking knowledge and taqwah. There has been a huge focus on the woman, now it is man's turn.