Look how Media work with "facts"!

Look how media work.

In Tunisia it is stable, even though there is some incidents with the American Embassy and other thing, but in France, media only shows these images every week, which gives the French people the feeling that these sort of things happens every day.

In spite of terrible "facts" about Tunisia that is not at all real, more than 900,000 tourists came this year and an increase of 35% since last year when the Yasmine-revolution began.

This is how Media work with the picture of another country. When New York is under water they cry for help, but when Pakistan was under water, nobody came, because Media didn't focus on the positive side of Pakistan at all under the rest of the year, while New York is associated with positive feelings...

That is also how Media work with the image of Muslims.

In spite the bad associations people have of Muslims, because Media gives a bad image of them, people are converting to Islam and become Muslims every day. Why? Because Media has only focused on a couple of things, and they don't tell the truth, not the whole truth. They only focus on what they want people to feel and think, and in this case that Muslims are bad people, which they are not, even though there are some bad grains...