When is The magic time of the day?

There is a magic time every day. This time of the day is when the children are harmonious and playing well. It is a time when we all feel well and we are conscious about the present and we are here and now. That is also  what love is about. When you are in love you are in the present time, not thinking about the past nor the future. That is why it feel so good.

The magic time is also when you wake up at night, and you feel yourself flow withing. You feel calm and want to stay up all night long. The night is magic, because it sweeps us into our house, and we close are windows and doors. We heat up the house with fire or radiators and the house feels warm, even thought it is cold outside. The rain is also magic. When it rains we can feel all stress pooring away with the rain. There is no stress of doing anything.

There must be a time for darkness and there must be a time for light. Light is good and darkness too. They help each other, because if we didn't knew the light how could we understand the importance of the darkness?

The body needs both darkness, and light. Sleep quickly when the night is come and wake up as quickly as possible before the light is come. Then you will experience more of the magic of the day and the night. 

School - it is chaotic - what should we do?

I have noticed that the school in Sweden can be great, or really bad. There are violence, people beating teachers without any reconciliation, children who don't come to classes but pass to the next year. There are so many things wrong with the Swedish school, yet, the teachers are very well trained and good at teaching. The problem is that the children don't have any home-work to do. The teachers let the children have too much leisure time. This time is spent on playing on video-games, friends or watching movies all night. Children in other countries like Tunisia don't have this pleasure of leisure. From 8. a.m. to 22 p.m. it is all about studies, either in school, home or with a tutor from Monday to Saturday.

So, what shall they do with their leisure time? They have so little spare-time. They don't go to Cinema, nor do they go to play-grounds or other institutions for children, cause there are not any. Children in Sweden are very spoiled. They have everything, except morals. The teachers don't cope with the children, because there are too many. That is not a problem really, except that every child has to have attention all the time, unless it will become bored. Many children have ADHD, or ADD or are hyperactive. That is another problem. They don't eat the same as the children did 50 years ago. They eat a lot of Adds like E621, Coca Cola, and sugary stuff. Today everything has sugar in it. That is really chaos. Add to it the food the children eat in school. All children who play play-station, eat chocolate, drink Cola will certainly be hyperactive. And the parents don't have the time, nor the pleasure to cook at home and the school-kitchen don't have the right to serve good food. They have to serve sugar (carbohydrates) every day.

Hear the voice of your soul

I am too sometimes very sad, and have tried to develop a strategy to get through the day. It is difficult to listen to your soul, because the soul wants so many things, so you get confused. Then don't forget about the whispers in your heart, that are not good to listen to. And you must no follow the whims of you soul either at any time, because the soul wants this life and not God. Soul is not just one. The soul is composed into more than one. It has its divine and good part, but also a part that wants everything in life and makes you alert and active. Both of them exist within yourself and both of them influence your moods. It is not difficult to understand which one you are in when you are depressed and which part of the soul that influence you when you feel "alive". Depression is a good way to figure out life and life mustn't be just a lot of acitivites and good "feelings". The depression tells you that you are far from God, that is all. The only thing that can bring you to God is to stay up at night, praying... That is the best way to have your "depressed soul" happy, and you will soon go back to the active life you had before.