Science prove God's existence?

The more scientific proof we have, the more we, the Muslims, believe...

that is the truth because when you read Qur'an you will find a lot of things that is not "against" science but rather unproven science. Many things during the past centuries were not proven, until this century, and then we found out that the things in Qu'ran were exactly what science proved to be, but until then it was only belief that kept Muslims believe that it was the truth, they didn't have any science to prove it, it had been unproven until then. That is the case with Qur'ân until now. There are things that you just have to believe, because science have been able or capable to prove it or unprove it yet,like for example magic, djinn and angels, but they with all respect do exist and many people, psychic know that.

But when Science prove something, think again. Did somebody know everything and was it proven that time or was it a lucky guess, over and over again?

Read the noble Qur'an and think for yourself - how could a guy know about it 1400 hundred years ago and write about it?

So, before you say that there is no such thing as a djinn or angel or paradise, think again, when somebody one day prove to you their existence will you believe or reject the new proof?