You shouldn't feel inferior and weak in front of a non-believer

Many times you feel inferior as a Muslim. You feel shame to pray in front of an Atheist or a Christian, perhaps they will laugh at you and say something that makes you feel sad. You shouldn't. This is what the Prophet told us to do and how we should feel when we are amongst others or meet them. 

The Prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam said: and if you encounter them in the street, force them to the narrowest part of the road”. This hadeeth doesn’t mean that if I am driving in a mountainous road and with a Christian on the opposite direction that I must throw him off the cliff! It means that a Muslim must be proud of his Islam so that when a non Muslim comes in the opposite direction, he shouldn’t feel inferior and weak and give him way. On the contrary, he should remain on his course and the disbeliever should move out and give way to the Muslim. This is a lesson in honor and dignity that is badly needed by Muslims. It is not a call to harm others. Today, Muslims have an inferiority complex and that it is why they look like them and behave like the disbelievers. This hadeeth is a wakeup call to those who are ready to wake up!

/Assim Alhakeem