Muslim fashion on television?

Muslim fashion on Project Runway

You have probably heard about Project Runway. Now Sweden has made a copy of this popular fashion TV Series and it is going to start on Monday. So why do I write about it here? Normally the world of fashion, according to normal Manhattan standards are very small, transparent and not for Muslims at all. But now we have a Muslim woman representing the Muslim fashion. I am very excited about the Muslims being introduced into fashion world. It starts next Monday, so I won't have the opportunity to watch it as I am going back to Tunisia where I live, but perhaps I will be able to watch it later on.

Angels see us as stars when we pray at night

Have you ever heard about energy medicine? 

This is the new thing out there. You have probably heard about alternative medicine like acupuncture, which stimulates energy that we cannot measure with normal instruments. 10 years ago nobody in USA would talk about it. Today Dr Oz talks about it on Oprah. He also mentions prayer as a stimulator of energy. We are energetic creatures. That is why we must continue to pray. Especially at night. I don't know what happens at night, but Allah has told us that we should pray late at night, just before sunrise. When we look up in the sky at night, we often see stars if it is not a cloudy night of course.

Angels see us as stars when we pray at night.

The same thing is with angels. When they look down on earth they also see stars, but not real stars. No, they see the light the springs out of people praying at night. We must think about light and waves. I believe that we are going towards more studies on waves, electromagnetism and energy, because this is a field that hasn't been discovered yet. 

Sins and repentance

As a Muslim you must repent on a daily basis. 

If this is hard, then think about how hard it is to repent when you are doing sins. If you for example lie or betray somebody, even with a white lie, then it is hard to repent. If you use interest, take or give, then it is hard to repent. If you miss prayers, it is hard to repent. If you sin at all, it is very hard to repent. You will cheat on yourself if you truly believe that you repent, but in the meanwhile your are sinning. You can't repent properly if you sin. But if you stop sinning and then repent, they it is easy. God wants us to stop sinning and then repent and if we don't sin and repent, he will replace us with people who does. That doesn't mean that you should sin, because if you sin you are going astray, further and further and it becomes so much difficult to repent, if you haven't stopped sinning.

1. Stop sinning
2. Repent
3. Sleep well at night