Purification of my life

I have to purify my heart, mind, soul and my clothes, home and relationships. How do I do that? By repenting, reading the Qur'an and start saying and doing things that is in lign with what prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said. There are things that is easy to do, like not murdering people, but there are more difficult things like staying up all night reading the Qur'an and praying and repenting. I want to repent and have beautiful dreams. I want to have money and be prosperous with a lot of benefits. I want my children to become wealthy and well-known for their good character. I want my husband to strive and help me purify my heart, even those things in my heart that I must change, things that I love more than prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I like for example to sleep more than to pray. I like to eat more than to read Qur'an. I sit in front of facebook instead of reading Qur'an and helping people with their islam. I can do a lot of good stuff. But I don't. That's the problem. I can strive for purifying not only my heart, but my body and soul too. I want to go to Jennah, but I am lazy.