Test: Are you happy?

A test to see if you are happy! Answer yes or no!

1. Are you grateful for every little piece of your life?
2. Do you have a family? or friends that love you and support you even if you don't behave good?
3. Do you love your husband/wife and does he or she love you back?
4. Do you respect the people you are with, or is around you?
5. Do you have people who can take care of your kids for more than two days?
6. Have you been through big trials in life and then overcome them?
7. Have you been good to people and helped them, but at a certain point had the courage to say no to them?
8. Are you a Muslim?
9. Do you dream pleasant dreams at night?
10. Do you pray?
11. Do you know who Allah is?
12. Do you know what happens after death?
13. Do you feel happy when you listen to music/anasheed?

The more yes you have on this test, the more happy you can consider yourself.

By: Esma Khammar

A Happy family

"Sometimes I am not just home sick, but miss my family and the closeness I have with them... Indescribable nice to have a mother in my house, hear her steps when she walks, her laughter, to have her by my side at dinner table and in the couch in the evenings.. And during the days feel the smell of new baked bread, buns and the most lovely made dinner.. and to add to it, come back to a clean house, clean clothes and the children is happy, like they are in the seventh heaven.....THE WORLD'S BEST MAMA !!!" 

This is what a person I knew wrote today in her Facebook. But isn't this what we all should do? Be the best husband and wife to our families? Create joy of life and calm and security and happiness to our beloved ones. This is what is most appreciated in life...

 A Happy family!

How faith changes your personality

I am a convert Muslim from Christian faith originally. I am interested in how faith changes not only your personality, but also your conception of life. Faith has changed me and how I feel, what I say, what I believe and what I do from inside out e.g. my clothes, my appearances, my heart and mind. Faith is a powerful tool for changes.