How to build a rocket - the understanding of islam

The Muslims in the West must speak but not anyone because MEDIA really knows how to twist anything around. There isn't just black and white. The issue is very complex and that needs professional understanding on an Academic Level. Most people that read stuff in Media aren't capable of grasping things above their head. They can understand what a rocket is, but if a scientist starts to talk in details - the listener will be lost. That is why Muslims fail to speak and gain understanding, because they are on a completely different level than others about Islamic knowledge. If you only know what is a screw-driver and how to put up some shelves, that doesn't mean that you know anything about rockets. That is the same with the "knowledge of Islam" that most people have. They only have the screwdriver... That is not enough. You have to have a completely understanding from the basics of mathematics to great analytics. Most Muslims aren't capable of that either. They also only have a screwdriver and some other stuff. But not the knowledge. They can do a lot of harm with those tools if they believe that they are capable of telling how to build a rocket. That is why Muslims fail to tell the "truth" about Islam. They don't have the tools to do it.

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The Muslims in West must speak BUT (!) - also show patience, respect and love!

The Muslims in West must speak! But not anyone. It must be someone who is capable of giving the full response in a good way, like Tariq Ramadan. He is a great spokesman for the Muslim community and a well trained leader in how to handle the media - just like a President or a celebrity must be! Because Media knows exactly how to twist everything around and make a hen out of a feather.

The fire that led to the death of an ambassador in Libya is not a spontaneous one, but we don't know anything about the people that did this. What do they do every day. How are they treated by their surroundings. Are they even Muslims? Do they pray? Are they anything like the prophet Muhammad?

The Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) was cursed, slandered, physically beaten, choked, had garbage thrown on his head, pelted with stones, and had his teeth broken, all by people who later became Muslim. The same people that caused him so much pain later became his sources of joy and happiness, and the ones who gave their lives to him. How was this possible? Because the Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam)’s answer to all of the pain he suffered, was patience, respect, and love.

If we want to save our Prophet (SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam)’s honour, we should start by acting like him.

The issue is that the West doesn't understand what is good. They do believe that love, peace and patience are good things. The problem is with WHAT we should have patience. HOW must you show your love and HOW can we make peace? Those questions are much more complexe than a single yes and no. Even though the Muslims have guidance in their faith, the noble Qur'an, fiqh and sunnah, they don't have all the answers. For that cause you must use your brain and your heart.

The problem to that last sentence is that the brain and the heart can be filled with different things - that is why there are so many opinions around the world from Muslim sources and also how different the reactions are from Muslims. They are not all the same. Muslims don't have one soul and one heart. They are separated. Both West AND the Muslim world must understand that.

What many people doesn't know is that the Muslims are quite ignorant about their religion today. They have been distanced from the religion by their surroundings or by their President and his staff for decades. They have forgotten about islam. They are still Muslims, like the Christians are Christians, but they don't know anything about their religion. Most people that read Qur'an, like the Convert Muslims, will have an understanding that most other don't have. The so called "Muslims" in the world are led by their culture and their traditions that are AGAINST islam. When a Muslim convert comes to their countries, they are all astonished by how the "Muslims" live. They do so many things that are the furtherst from islam, that they start believe that this IS islam. That is NOT true.
There is no place in the world where you can find the REAL islam today and the REAL Muslims. The REAL Muslims are out there, but you have to dig to find them. They hide from many things. Some of them speak up, but most of them remain silent. They subside! 

Even the leaders of islam are quite afraid of speaking the truth about islam and sometimes they don't have knowledge to speak. The same is with a rocket-builder. You should listen to an amateur if you want to build one - that would be a cadastrophy. So that is why one must learn for himself today - with the help but the best of the Muslim. There are Universities that teach islam and the ruling of islam. That is how you can get some of the religion of islam. For example. You can study at the Islamic University Online in Qatar to have the bases of islam, exactly the same way a rocket-builder must proceed to have knowledge in how to build a rocket. And that is how you will build your understanding and love for the prophet himself. You will know things that you didn't know before and you will start changing your opinions and heart. The people that have read about the REAL prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, have ALL said the same thing - that he was a great man and great personality. He was a true guidance to everyone. I will give you one example.  

Muslims love Jews!

If you are ignorant you will only read some lines and verses in the Qur'an about how to handle some on the Jews. If you only know this, and don't have the full picture, you will certainly believe that the Muslims don't like Jews. That is NOT true.

Even though it says in the Qur'an that you shall abhore them, the prophet Muhammad himself didn't hate the Jews. He loved them. There are many stories about how the Jews treated the prophet and how he reacted to those mistreats. He was always patient, loving and had always respect for every Jew. He was kind but firm in his religion. The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him only wanted to pray all night long. He wanted everyone to pray like him. He wanted everyone to know about God and to love God. He wanted everyone to choose for them selves so that they didn't become hypocrites. He wanted people out of suffering and affliction. He never beat anyone. Most of his time he spent giving to poor people. He took care of them, he took care of the eldery and the afflicted in the society. He let the Christians and the Jews live and believe what they wanted. He loved to stay up all night, praying and crying. He was kind towards animals. Once he had a cat that he loved so much. Once the cat slept on his sleeve and he didn't want to wake the cat up so he cut off his sleeve instead. Isn't that a proof of his kindness and his dear love? 

BUT, he fought people who were unkind and unjust. He prayed to God at night to help him make the people that weren't Muslims to become Muslims. He loved everyone - even those who weren't Muslims. During the day he spoke the truth about what is good and what is not. If that wasn't enough to stop the unjustice, he fought to gain justice towards women, animals and children.

He loved peace. But sometimes you have to fight to have peace. It is only when the Winner that wins the war and He is patient, loving and shows respect, that the People can Live in Peace. 

I don't like the way the people react today. The Muslims around the world have forgotten about our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and how He reacted to everything. The Muslims are ignorant and doesn't ressemble the prophet at all. They are amongst the furtherst from Islam and the behaviour of our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. 

So please be patient. Please show love. Please show mercy towards the Muslims, because there ARE GOOD MUSLIMS around the World, and THEY are just almost like the prophet Muhammad was. 

And THEY suffer....