I emigrated for the sake of Allah from Sweden to Tunisia

I emigrated one year ago to Tunisia and can't regret it. It is the most hard and wonderful thing at the same time. I have learnt so many things, my children have grown both mentally, spiritually and physically. They feel much stronger now and they are interested in islam in a way they never were before when they lived in Sweden. They attend a private arabic school and learn french, arabic, science and math. They also attend the local mosque and hear adhan every day. They see people pray, not only me and my husband, but many people. They don't see many children pray though... But we talk about Tunisia now! I live here since a couple of months after the revolution that started here in February 2011, when a man burnt himself out of frustration. We didn't knew if we were going at all, but I was really decisive and has never changed my opinion of going. I can see myself living in two countries, because I emigrated by myself with my two kids, and left my husband alone in Sweden. He doesn't have any family in Sweden, not even mine as I am a Muslim convert, but I have his family by my side who helps me all the time. Please tell me your story and share it with others. You inspire me!