Not a proper Muslim if you don't wear niqab?

Where does it say that you are not a proper Muslim if you don't have niqab etc! The sunnah of Prophet Muhammad was that women shall cover everything - except face and hands. The wives of the prophets had to cover the face too though, but not the rest of the women. The veil is a symbol saying that you are A Muslim, a good woman who doesn't betray others, who help people, who struggle with her own self. The veil tells us that the woman in front of us is a strong woman with a good heart and nobody can put her down, because she knows her value. I am really sorry for those who doesn't believe they are proper Muslims if the don't wear everything the wives of the prophet did, because they do much good in reminding everybody about Allah and why we are here on earth and that you should repent at once. The veil is a blessing for all people.