Going back to Tunisia!

Yesterday we were prepared to go to Tunisia. The day before yesterday we didn't knew that we were going to Tunisia at all, until midnight, when we found cheap tickets, half-price. Normally we pay 13 000 SEK or around €1,500 or $1,900 (thank you likeforex.com) but yesterday we went with Apollo, that had changed their name to Novoair, which I didn't recogized until I saw their logo. The ticket cost us around 4,000 SEK instead €470 or $600, for one week to Enfidha without hotel. That was fine for me, because I already have a home in Tunisia, but in the capital, Tunis.

The whole family met us and we ate together. They had waited for us all night long, when we arrived at 23.00 pm local time. We were all tired but happy when we slept that night. They had also painted all the doors in the house. Because in is a newbuilt house it is not finished yet, so every year we try to fix and improve the state of the building. There are five apartements, but only two of them are built and have everything like kitchen, toilettes, floor, windows, doors etc. You can follow the work at How to build a house 2012

I write about my stay in Tunisia at my blog Tunis, Tunisia

As I was very disappointed last year with the effort of trying to teach me arabic of my parents-in-law's I will this year not only study arabic at Bourgiba-school and pay a fee for the enrollment, but also study at the islamic online university of Qatar for a BA in islamic studies.  About my studies in Arabic and in other languages I have made a blog for that purpose too: How to learn 99 languages.

As I am a born teacher (not officially, but I have worked as a substitute teacher for a long time) I have put my focus on my own kids since they were born. I want them to learn all great things there is to learn about life, so that they will have a great career and a good mind and heart. I don't only talk about islam, but most of all i try to teach Swedish, English, French, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Social Skills and Economics, Gymnastics and Swimming, How to behave and treat other people, About this I have made a blog too. it is called How I prepare my kids for life.

When I was in tunisia i had an urge to learn Qur'an, but I didn't have the tools to do it. I, personally, have had trouble learning Qur'an by myself, especially when I only tried to read it from a book. But when I found out that Harf Kids taught here at Internet, then it went much better. But it was not until my husband started to help me that I advanced more. So one lesson that I have learnt today is that I must have a teacher. This summer we celebrated Ramadan during the summer vacation. We were able to study Qur'an, learn verses by heart, attend to the local mosque in gothenburg where we spent the whole summer. 

About life and the purpose of life, I have written posts on Madelaine Khammar

However, today I woke up with the throat acheing. I had been brought in a car with gas leaking out from the exhaust system into the car. I didn't want to open the window but i had to, if not I would have been feeling nausea, which I did and head-ache, which I had. The bad thing with the open window was that I was very warm, in the night with 25 Degrees Celsius (78 Degrees Farenheit) and I believe that when the wind chilled me during around 2 hours with a high speed on the high way, this wasn't good for me. Today I sneeze too and my body aches. 

I have brought but little food with me. When we are in Sweden I feel better, and I wasn't sick one day for two months, even though it is raining, I walk in the rain, I sleep with the window open and it is cold outside. I can handle that. I don't know why I can't handle it in Tunisia and why I always get sick here. I really don't, because I live exactly the same here, except for the climate, the temperature and the air. 

I don't eat the same either. I like to drink milk in Sweden, but in Tunisia I hate it. I can't stand their French milk. I don't eat bread here either, but in Sweden I love all the different kinds of soft bread. In Tunisia you only eat Baguette all the time. I am sick of baguette. As my brother-in-law worked for a pastry he brought Croissant every day to us. It was really great, for a couple of month, but now I don't have that taste for it any longer, because I get sick when I eat it, because I am allergic to the nuts in the  chocolate croissants. I can eat the other croissants, but they are too sweet and heavy. Not good for my health or for my figure (which I don't have anyway but why getting the figure worse, no - stop).

So what do I eat in the morning? I prefer two things. The first thing is honey and Cinnamon together with a glass of tepid water. The other thing is egg with cheese and paprika. The second thing I appreciated when I started with LCHF-diet, which I have tried for a couple of days. Before that I hated to eat breakfast. I haven't eaten today, yet, even though I am hungry. I woke up three hours ago. I don't have eggs at home, so I have to go and buy that later. I don't have anything in my frigerator, except for a bottle of water, a couple of drink-yoghurts, juice and Muffins on the table (if my kids haven't taken them). Because my body hurts I don't want to go down to my parents-in-law. I don't want to put on clothes and start my day. I am tired after the trip. I woke up at 5.45 am yesterday and went to bed at 3 a.m. today. Perhaps I need a little bit rest. But my stomach wants some food now and I feel the stomach burning something else now, waiting for me to give it food. I also hear my children argue, so I should stop writing and focus on them and on me instead.