Things that makes us (Muslims) laugh

When Obama was elected President, we all laughed, but in a good way, because we really believed that he could make a change. Yes we can was his message. But the fact is that he couldn't. So now we laugh another time, but with a sad tone into it because we understand that Obama, like every President before him, only are marionettes for the big spectacle that occurs behind the curtains. Islam has the answer for everything, but Obama, who knows islam and Allah, has turned away from the true path. It is ridiculous to believe that a man can change everything if he hasn't the support he needs. Whether it is a huge military base in every country or Allah. But the only Ummah, society, that has survived and not collapsed like the Persians or Rome did, is the Muslim community. We cannot forget this - ever and remind us that islam will be great again - when Jesus comes back and Mahdi as well and all that really believed in the prophets will follow him, both Christians, Jews and Muslims. 

A true mercy for all of us - the veil

It is true that hidjab is a true mercy for all of us. But before we understands the benefits, the real benefits with hidjab, maybe you have to work with your iman. It was not the first thing that you had to do when the prophet Muhammad sws told us about Allah and his Unity. The first things were about this - faith and iman. They also had to hid for very long time, until they felt that they could show their faith truly towards everyone. Today Ummah is very weak. This makes us very unsafe towards the big Christian community. That is why Muslims made jihad - to make the Muslims feel safe and protected. The cause of jihad are two: To liberate those who live under oppression and want to be Muslims, and to announce that Allah is the only One to adore, no one else. We all know that hijab is very important, but there is so much more to work on also at the same time. You cannot do everything! You must also know that if you reveal to people that you are a Muslim, by showing your attributes like the veil, then Shayateen and shaytan will appear  because there are many amongst the men and women too, not only the djinn. And they will make your life miserable. But do not fear them, but turn to Allah and he will guide you. Knowledge is abundant and important, and it is important that you increase your iman.