Do you want to cover your face? Read this first!

Personally I have no problem with a woman cover her face, niqab, but the focus must be on the heart and mind first, then you can think about how you behave and your appearences - like hidjab and niqab. There are so many things to work with as a Muslim woman and man, that the issue with covering up is secondary. However, it is not less important - it is important to be well dressed, the same as it is with business men etc. There is a huge logic to why a woman and a man should wear modest clothes, but this is not interesting if it is not followed by a heart and mind and behavior that is according to the faith you have. A veil without a good heart and good behavior is like putting a veil on a monkey - it only destroys the image of the Muslims - because true Muslims are good and kind and the best among people toward their families and their neighbors and in the society and it is ashame that this is not clearly shown today. Muslims that follow islam has many things to contribute to society, but if focus is on the veil and only on the veil, then I understand why their is a lack of sympathy and good feelings towards Muslims, because most Muslims today behave very badly. If you are a bad Muslim and put focus on the veil and the beard and that is the most important thing, then you will certainly not only be hated by the Muslims but everybody else too. So the veil IS good and the beard IS good, but it has to be followed by good behavior (and a pure heart and mind).

The veil

The more you talk about a subject, the less focus is on other topics. So if you want to focus on other, more important things, like getting out of shirk, then stop focusing on the hidjab. The hidjab is a sign that you are a Muslim woman and that nobody should mess with you. You know your value as a Muslim woman and the scart represents that value and nobody can take that away. I agree that you shouldn't put so much focus on the scarf, as this is not the most important thing in islam. There are so many things to focus on BEFORE the scarf. But if you have managed to do all things then THEN you can start with the hidjab-discussion. But society is so superficial that hidjab always is the number one topic and that is unfair and not proportionally to what islam expect of you. Take care of your heart and your faith - then focus on your acts and body.