Can you argue with reason the existence of God?

Religion and science have for a long time been seen as apart from each other, ever since the Church was separated from the State. It was not until then you went from following the Christian religion blindless to see things in a scientific way that the society was developed into what it is today. But religion and science is still very closely linked. Not in the Christian eye, but very much in the Muslim eye. For a Muslim, religion and science is the same thing This is a very exciting topic that you can discusss over and over again. 

The topic fot the discussion in the Video is: "Can you argue with reason the existence of God"?
The discussion is in English, even though it is written in Swedish above the Video. The discussion is with the Christians, but if you followed a Muslim Video on the same topic, you would be amazed. Please compare these Videos and Comment on your Reactions. 

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