Names and meanings and is this halal?

Even if I don't believe in names and their meanings, I thought that this was very correct. My first Christian name is Pernilla and then I took a second name, an Arabic name: Esma. When I read about these names I can see that I am both names. Alhough I wasn't like they describes Esma when I was young I think that it is quite accurate. I took the second name when I was twenty years old.

Why did I even go to the name page? 

Because I googled on names and what other people with my name, my husbands' name and my childrens name do as profession. It is quite interesting to search and imagine that you live a "double" life and you live like those that are out there.

This is an exerpt from First names meanings:

Two names: ESMA and Pernilla

Born: Pernilla, and I still have it today

The choice of career is not always an easy one, and such indecision doesn´t necessarily end once she has committed herself to a single professional direction. This is due to the active number 49 which provokes much change and is responsible for intense emotional strain. Work is not an end in itself, but when pushed she would choose an artist´s life or maybe a job in advertising, fashion or media ..., occupations to do with travel (especially overseas), temporary work or in connection with bars, nightclubs and the night, medicine, nursing or paramedics, or related to nature, animals and the earth, because she´s an environmentalist at heart!
Who is she?

Humane, sociable, emotional and sensitive, Pernilla   is a woman who is feminine and charming, eager to please, sensitive, intuitive and a dreamer. She´s an idealist who could be attracted by large social, community and humanitarian movements, in which she is capable of investing herself. She craves varied and frequent personal experiences and when moved by a cause she is capable of mobilizing all of her courage and energy, just as she is of making sacrifices, in order to achieve her goals. On the other hand, she avoids confrontation like the plague, and faced with the blows of fate is likely to become withdrawn and can have difficulty coping emotionally. Although she may appear reserved and even proud, this is just a facade that conceals a lack of confidence, shyness and an overwhelming emotionalism. Two somewhat contradictory tendencies are coexistent: the first is unconventional, light and breezy, mobile, curious, sensual and volatile, with a taste for adventure and networking and the other, more internalized, thoughtful, serious, hardworking, and seeks security and peace. These two tendencies could coexist in different areas, (for example, her professional life could be very stable while her emotional life is much less so) or their expression could be linear and alternating. She could have an extraordinary destiny which could however involve certain sacrifices as well as a high degree of nervousness. By the way, she will probably be an activist, although she should beware of the dangers of fanaticism, intransigence, extravagance and self-delusion - often inseparable from these energies! As a child, her development is closely interconnected with her emotional environment. A hobby could open new vistas, and enable her to live out her aspirations and fantasies, as well as her romanticism. Be careful that she doesn´t become too disorganized by teaching her the value of tidiness and order, discipline and hard work, to enable her to more easily develop her master number as she matures.

What does she like?

She likes change, diversity and travel. She is a bohemian at heart and her freedom is sacred. Fun-loving and Epicurean, she can resist everything except temptation. She is sentimental and romantic, albeit contradictory, the innocent libertine - she wants thrills, passion and excitement, but at the same time she seeks the security of a stable relationship, a home and a family. But what if Prince Charming, virile, brave and generous as she imagines him, only exists in her dreams? She could be frequently disappointed, although if he does happen to turn up one day, Pernilla   will surely win him over with her generous spirit and her fertile imagination, and she will love him with all her heart... Just don´t expect her to ever be an  accomplished housewife !

Took a second name: Esma: 2000-11-30

With such a mobile and unsettled nature, they are likely to choose a career involving expression such as sales or marketing, for example. Esma and Yevdokiya   could therefore be tempted by any of the following occupations: those in liaison with verbal or written expression: sales representation, journalism, public relations, teaching or university lecturing; or a career as a presenter, singer or actress..., in one of the creative and artistic domains, involving the giving of advice, in relation to children, toys or games..., Independence will be an important factor.

Who are they?

Energetic and extremely likeable, Esma and Yevdokiya   are particularly open to communication. They could appear to be rather unusual and they certainly cultivate their own individual style. They give the impression that they are strong and self-assured, however the truth is that they are fragile and can lack self-confidence. They compensate for this vulnerability with an ease of expression - they are sunny and cheerful, and their enthusiasm is infectious. Lively and adaptable, they are great actresses who master the art of persuasion and have an answer for everything. They know what to do and say in order to be liked; how to charm, seduce and capture the attention of those around them. They enjoy games and anything that involves having fun, preferring to always look on the bright side of life... Curious creatures, they may take an interest in a hundred-and-one subjects at once without necessarily going into detail in any area. They have a tendency to spread themselves too thinly and can be a little shallow. Clever, dextrous and creative, they are good at fixing and making things. They are strong-willed with a large capacity for action, although their efforts can be inconsistent. Their emotions and relationships can have a considerable influence on their personal or even professional destinies.

As little girls, they are mischievous little monkeys. They are real chatterboxes, but luckily, they occasionally stop talking in order to breathe and eat. However, they are often tempted to gossip. Their sharp minds mean that they learn quickly and get bored easily. If they are demotivated or unconvinced of the merits of what they are doing they tend to waste their abilities and just concentrate on having fun... Esma and Yevdokiya   are very emotionally driven and will do much better at school if they are encouraged and loved. Dancing, drawing and foreign languages are all areas in which they are likely to excel, and are therefore to be encouraged. They require balance and stability.

 What do they like?

Sensitive and imaginative, they seek the company of others and have a profound sense of friendship. They fear loneliness and their emotional lives take priority over everything. They are conciliatory and attentive listeners, qualities that are appreciated by others. They could feel torn between a desire to look out for number one and a longing for unity with others; accomplishment in the professional arena and devoting themselves to family life.

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