Conference with William Feather about misinformation

At a conference in Philadelphia last year (2011), a Wharton professor noted that one of the country's biggest problems is a tsunami of misinformation. 
You can't have a rational debate about Muslims when facts are so easily supplanted by overreaching statements, broad generalizations, and misconceptions. And if you can't have a rational debate, how does anything important get done? 
As author William Feather once advised, "Beware of the person who can't be bothered by details." There seems to be no shortage of those people lately.
Here are three misconceptions that need to be put to rest.
  • Muslims who convert does it because they search for mystics or their husbands want them to convert. 
  • Muslims change their whole life because they are brain-washed
  • Muslims don't actually want to wear a scarf or grow a beard. 
These misconceptions need to be put to rest because the facts are over and over again supplanted by overreaching statements, broad generalizations, and misconceptioins. And as Muslims ar rational and want a rational debate, with history, facts, sciences and a lot of details, they prefer not to get into debate with those who are not interested in those things. 

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