To be a Muslim woman is like being a princess - so think like a princess

How is it to feel like a princess? Think "Cinderella"

1. Think like a princess and start to sing and dance all day long - like Cinderella
3. Listen to birds singing - like Cinderella
4. Avoid moist and cold by dancing, singing and cleaning all day long - like Cinderella
5. Clear your house - like Cinderella
6. Put up some new goals - like how you will marry your Prince Charming
7. Think less - just do it - and follow your dreams - like Cinderella
8. Be patient - and let the dreams you have come true
9. Talk to somebody who likes to encourage people - like the little good voice you can hear sometimes, a good voice who speaks with a gentle tone - it could be your mother or perhaps somebody else's voice you like to listen to.

If you do all this you will feel more calm, you will strengthen your health and make your lungs work harder, you will diminish your feelings of standing on the same spot all time. And you will feel like a princess. How will you feel like a princess? Princesses clean, sing and dance all day long. Princesses make things wonderful and feel wonderful. They take care of themselves and the people around them. They are nice to themselves and to others. They are lovable. 

To be a Muslim woman is like being a Princess Cinderella. You take care of yourself and by taking care of your own happiness, you will easily also find it easy to spread your love and happiness around you. It is easy to be a Princess, but many people do not want to be a Princess, they prefer to be something else.