How to find true love

Sometimes I hear that it is difficult for women and men to find true love. Why is that? It is because they do not know the rules of love. Therefor I will give you these advice in finding true love.

Choose a husband and wife that is righteous:

1. Marry somebody with the same principles as you. And for Gods sakes - do not try to FIX somebody or think that you will be able to after the marriage. It will fail.

2. Marry someone with good character. Who is of good character? The one who helps the needy and poor, who prays, who does not speak to ladies or men of the opposite sex while flirting or drink alcohol or takes drugs. The one who talks nicely about people and about his or her family. The one who is nice to animals and the one who is nice in general. The one who is generous and at the same time good in heart and mind.

3. Remind yoursel to gain patience: Who you will meet is already ordained for you. Allah has already chosen the perfect mate for you. You have already met before you were born. So, be patient. It is like a present that awaits being opened or you.

4. Take a look at your fiance's actions and reactions. It will tell you quite a bit about his or her behavior. Listen to your family and what they say about the guy or girl that you want to marry. They see things you do not because they are not blinded with all the good feelings you have about the other person. Listen to them carefully because the bad stuff WILL come up later in the marriage, when somebody is sickeither you or him, when the children are born and you haven't slept for days or years or financial debts that will outcrave your stability at home. So decide now who your lifelong friend should look like and be. Allah already knows the perfect person for you, so try to pray to Him to guide you to this person.

5. And do never go to bed with the guy or girl before marriage. Do not give "anything" like love for free to anyone. Why give something of value for free - you would not give a Diamond for free would you?

6. If you are engaged and are moving in and having an intimate relation - your marriage will be in danger (and your soul too).

7. Study the religion of islam if you are a Muslim and find out what Allah has told us to do and how to behave..

8. Do not hook up with somebody because he or she kisses you well. The kiss will blind you and will keep you away from seeing the messages of warning (that your friends and family still will see - so listen to them).

9. And if you are married - do not follow your emotions all the time, because emotions are not telling the truth, Follow your principles and values (that you have been given from Allah) and don't be afraid of being vulnerable, because it is these moments that will draw you closer to your life partner, your destiny.

10. Talk about the past during the-time prior to the marriage, before you get married. He or she does't have to do it, Allah has made it easy for you to chose to hide your past i you want to, and that is also better for you, but think about things that your loving partner tells you about things he or she has done before because your past will tell you about your future. How did your future spouse react when... ?
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