Goals to achieve in life!

Number 26

I hope that I, in my journal, would write all of this some day: 

1. I learned a whole Surah in the noble Qur'an today!  
2. I read a book in arabic today!
3. I prayed all my prayer today and more!
4. I have dreamt a beautiful dream tonight!
5. I was the cause for somebody to convert to Islam today!
6. I inaugurated a mosque today!
7. I was present at an inauguration of a school for poor people today!
8. I finished writing the book today
9. I have fallen in love with my husband today - again
10. I have got my book published today. 
11. I gave some money to the needy and poor today.
12. I fasted today. 
13. I visited Mecca today 
14. I visited Medina today
15. I performed the last day on Hajj today
16. I hired somebody today
17. I managed to run 6 miles today
18. I have got a big order today
19. I improved the quality of the water today
20. I have achieved all the goals I have set
21. I celebrated a 50-year marriage
22. I read the whole Qur'an today
23. I visited the North Pole today
24. I took care of my family today and made wonderful dinner and company
25. I wrote a nasheed today
26. I have got a baby today
27. I took care of an orphan today

Clearly I have managed to achieve some goals like number 24 and 26, but the rest is something I have to work on. 

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