These things are what I would like to do and these places would I like to visit:

18th of January every year we, my husband and I, want to make a felicitation ceremony (we were married this day) and then go for a journey somewhere and do things we usually do not do. We have not done any of these yet, but dreaming about it is a start.

1. Beverages and chocolatemaking somewhere in Southamerica 
2. Riding icelandhorses on Iceland
3. Have a nice pic-nic in South-Carolina, USA
4. Having a big Party for everyone
5. Flying an air-balloon
6. Flying a helicopter in the north of Sweden
7. Dogsledding in Alaska or Canada
8. Mountain climbing
9. Horse and carriage Dinner in Central Park, New York
10. Tea in England or Portsmouth or China
11. Massage in Turkey
12. arranged guided tour in a diamond mine in Africa
13. Skitrip to Norway or Switscherland
14. Have a unique gift like buying a star.