“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to love what you do.” -Steve Jobs

I am really confused about working. I have never found something that I really love so much that it could take a great deal of my time, except for islam. I enjoy teaching, reading and writing and I have a lot of ideas as I am an entrepreneur. These are ideas that I want to share with you. The question is how to engage people to help me, who believe in the same thing as I do. People who want to do something for this world, for this community. I want to help the materialistic poor people, but how I do that with no money? 

Okej. Let me share some of my ideas. What is the first thing that I will make a profit if I start a business. Which one?  

1. Pearls, gold and silver
2. Import and export of tree and oil
3. Produce chairs and tables in a poor country
4. A printcompany
5. A monthly review
6. Microcredits
7. Lights
8. Produce beverages
9. Matches and boxes of fruits secs
10. An internetcafé
11. Import- export of mecanical machines
12. A toy fabric
13. A sewing atelier
14. A paintstore
15. A bicyclestore
16. A chocolate boutique and candystore
17. A postorder company
18. Marketing
19. A child and babystore
20. A watchstore
21. Coffee and confections
22. Sport store
23. Teaching materials and books
24. Wedding boutique
25. Hotel
26. Recycling company
27. Consulting business
28. Safety and security for homes and cars
29. Rent of tools and mechanical machines
30. School
31. Radioshow
32. Natural medications
33. Free paper
34. Home services including cooking
35. Shoe and textileindustri
36 Tv-shop
37. Design
38. Ironstore
39. Inspirational journal of baking and cooking
40. Write books
41. Make a movie or a documentary
42. Stay at home

So which one should I start with. I have already tried to close my eyes to know which one I should do, then focusing and feeling and see if some of them resonates in me and makes me engaged. Did I cry? No, I did not. So none of these are that important to me, as I thought they would. 

I cry when I watch movies or when people convert to islam. I cry when I see a newborn baby. I also cry when I am fatigued and still keep working. I also cry when I am doing the right thing that I have not done but thought about for a long time. I cry when I feel that I have been the means of changing somebody's mind or heart. I laugh at many things too, but that is another story.

In conclusion I can tell that whatever I chose in life I know that the only thing that matters is my faith in the One and only Creator, my behavior and also that I have to avoid things that are not permitted and repent constantly.