Advice about marriage and patience

Many people ask me for advice on how to do to find someone they can care about or the rest o their lives. They ask to gain some hope about finding love, their true love. This is an answer I gave one of my brothers.

"Salam Aleikum. I am glad that I could help you in some way and I hope that Allah will help you further. I will pray for you inchallah, but you have to be righteous before Allah can accept my prayer. Biidnillah. You will get married inchallah. Strive to purify yourself as much as you can and know that Allah loves those you are pure in soul, mind and heart. When your intentions are sincere, Allah will accept your prayer inchallah, but to have a sincere heart you have to purify it. You know how to purify yourself, but I really recommend you to stop watching and listening to any kind of inappropriate things, because the heart dies when doing this, and the heart is the key to Allah and to marriage and joy. Be patient, knowing that Allah will reward you (and most of the time it is the sins that makes us depressed, so stay away from sins) You know how to find more information I am sure so I leave you for now! And May Allah be with you and bless you."

Some related stuff:


Yesterday, my husband and I spoke. He told me something awful. I still think about that. As it is mid-summer in Sweden the 22th of June everybody meets their families and enjoy a time together with food and alcohol. As it is a pagan tradition, no Muslims are celebrating. They do other things. When my husband left work late Friday evening his colleagues were all going home. They asked him what he would do. He answered that he would not do anything special.  They proposed to him to go and have "fun" while his family was all gone. He answered that he could not because his wife will see him. She has got cameras all over the street and at home. She will see everything. He said it with irony and he did not say the whole truth, that Allah sees him as he did not want them to insult Allah or his religion.

Oh, that is so disturbing. How can he continue working with that sort of colleagues. He is one of several bosses at a big driving company in Sweden, it is a good job, but the environment is not good. They are not Muslims or even Christians or Jews. They do not have faith at all. His colleagues go out to after-works to drink a lot. My husband goes home. He has a good friend, a neighbor living on first floor. They spend time together. Alhamdolillah that Allah protects him. If he had been more weak in faith, far away from his family, not Muslim, he would perhaps had listened to them, but now he does not fear me, that is all wrong. He does NOT fear ME. It is Allah that he fears and he fears that he will be on Resurrection Day and everybody will see his sins. He knows what to do and that Allah sees everything. He knows that Allah is listening. Because this life is a test we all have to be careful with what we say and do, because it will have effect not only in this life, negatively or positively, it will also continue into the next life, after death.  

I love my husband dearly. Alhamdolillah that he is a Muslim. Alhamdolillah that he is faithful not only to me, but to his belief. THIS is what islam does with people. It gives integrity, moral and good manners. Alhamdolillah.