Singing, dancing and dressing up makes a woman happy

I am so tired of hearing that everything that is forbidden can't make you happy. Muslims say that a LOT. That is not true. Singing, dancing and dressing uo Do make us happy, BUT, yes, there is a but, you will not feel happy if you are Not a Muslim and dancing, you will rather cry. perhaps not when you are singing, but afterwards. you will feel empty. but singing with your kids fill your heart with love. dancing around makes us feel happier and more energetic and dressing up will increase our oxytocin, but we only do that for our family, i.e. our husbands, not everyone. but when you sing for everyone, dancing in front of people and dressing up you will feel good too, but the thing is that the same rule as alcohol is implied on everything in life. When the evil is greater than the good, then it is prohibited, forbidden.

How? When a woman attracts orgel peoples attention she will feel good, at the moment. But then, when she knows that she attracts other men's attention and pull it away from his wife's, then it gets evil. Imagine that your husband think of another woman? how does that make you feel? and worse, what if your husband is attracted to another woman right now because she is more sexier than you are? That is why a woman and also a man should wear modest clothes, not sing to each other or dance in front of everyone. If will confuse the feelings of the person watching.

then, think also about how you spend your time. what could you have done instead of confusing people's hearts?

You feel like singing, because singing makes you laugh, and dance and it makes you happy, and if you do it in front of an audience you will be more happy. BUT, yes, there is a but, the thing is that when you spend your day, your life and your time with learning the songs, you forget about everything else. Why is that bad? Because you will forget about where you come from and where you are heading. It will make it difficult to keep your mind in focus for where you are going to go and the afterlife. Sing for your family and your children, and stay away from official performances.

If you like to dance, then dance. Dance makes you feel good and happy. That is not the question. But, yes there is a but, when you dance in front of others, you will start having eyes on you, people that will admire you, perhaps even an evil eye or two. You will also, in that moment have men's or women's attention and they will start thinking of you. Dance, but in your own house or with your friends. Stay away from mixed places.

When you dress yourself up, it is to give you attention. This is not a bad thing. It is good to have the attention of other women and men. But, yes there is a but, when you do this in front of others then can start feel bad, ugly, not good enough. Their husbands will start thinking of you instead of their own spouses. You feel good, but the result is that you will be a cause of disturbing other peoples minds and hearts. Dress up in front of your husband instead and make him say that you are lovely. Teach him to observe you - tell him that is makes you happy - and that he always must remark things that you change in your look. This will make both you and your spouse happy. When you are happy - then your spouse is too.

These are just three things. There are plenty of more things to make you happy.

Until then, salam aleikum.
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