Step 1 - The reality of Abundance

Step 1 - The Reality of Abundance

How do be create abundance? Can we create abundance? Isn't that what Allah does? Yes, it is Allah who creates abundance. But, if you know how to invoke Allâh the right way, you can have your share of all the abundance He has created. 

In today's meditation (i.e. reflection without interruption), supplications and prayers, we'll take our first steps on our journey into the abundant life. 

The word "abundance" can mean different things to different people. For instance, one person may consider amassing great wealth as living an abundant life. Another may define abundance in spiritual terms—to be, do, and have a life filled with love, joy, harmony, peace, health, and vitality. Throughout our time together, we'll explore what abundance is at its core, how we can prepare ourselves to receive more of all good things, and how we can transform any limiting beliefs we may have held up until now.

Ibn 'Omar said, "I heard Allâh's Prophet (PBUH) say, "There were three men who lived before you and set out on a journey. During their journey they had to spend the night in a cave. They entered it and immediately a huge rock fell off the mountain and obstructed the entrance of the cave. Thereupon they said to each other. "The only thing that can rid us of this rock is to supplicate Allâh through our good deeds." One of them said imploringly, "O Allâh! My parents were aged and I took care of them generously and sincerely." After they all invoked Allâh through their best deeds, each one of them said, "O Allâh! If you know that I did that for Your sake, then relieve us of this situation." Indeed, the rock began to be gradually displaced till it had been fully dislogded at the invocation of the third man. Finally they got out of the cave and proceeded with their journey." (narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslim)

So, invoke Allâh through your good deeds and think about them and use them, to gain abundance.

Our centering thought for today is:

"Today, I behold all the abundance that surrounds me. Thanks to Allâh"

Today's invocation and its English essence are:

"The doers of good are blameless" (At-tawbah: 91)

The whole verse (At-tawbah : 91)

"Laysa AAala adduAAafa-iwala AAala almarda wala AAalaallatheena la yajidoona ma yunfiqoona harajunitha nasahoo lillahi warasoolihi maAAala almuhsineena min sabeelin wallahughafoorun raheem"

"It shall be no crime in the weak, nor in the sick, nor in those who do not find what they should spend (to stay behind), so long as they are sincere to Allah and His Messenger; there is no way (to blame) against the doers of good; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful" (Shakir)

I'm looking forward to beginning our journey together.
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